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Based in Canada, Foxquilt is an Insurance technology company focused on empowering small businesses to save on Business Insurance. This Spring, we’ll be launching our services in Ohio - Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron - to continue innovating insurance so it’s easier, simpler and faster for more small business owners in North America.  We’re looking for a local artist in each of the following cities: Akron, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati to paint a mural of a quilt to showcase their amazing small business community!  The mural should depict a quilt with the logos of local businesses. Each business will be featured in its own patch; together, all the patches help create the quilt! The businesses will be selected based on submissions where owners share why they love being a part of their city’s community.

If you have any favourite local businesses that you think would be interested in participating, feel free to share our submissions page with them!  


We need a local artist, like you, who is passionate about your city to help bring our vision to life!

Requirements for the Mural Design: 

The primary quilt should communicate the Foxquilt brand look & feel (brand colours: white, different tones of blue & teal) with the incorporation of the Foxquilt website URL and logo.

- Incorporation of the activation QR code (we will provide) which links to our program landing page that showcases the businesses’ stories of why they love their city.

- Incorporation of the chosen businesses (around 50 logos estimated.) We will look to provide the logos in your chosen design file prior to design.

- A 5-7 word phrase/tagline (we will provide) that needs to be incorporated. This phrase will act as a rallying call behind the program, highlighting the strength of the Foxquilt business community.

Where will the Mural be: 

 Since you’re the artist bringing this idea to life and would know your city better than any of us, we want to empower you and give you the freedom to choose a place that you feel would

best tell the story of our mural! We will absolutely help with approaching property owners and gathering the right permits. Our only recommendation is for the wall to be ~800 square feet within a high foot traffic area, ideally where small businesses are centralized.

Benefits for you: 

-$5,000 to compensate you and the cost of materials

- The opportunity to help support your local small business community with a unique public art installation, while also being a part of a nationwide mural campaign

- The chance to work with a leading, innovative insurance technology company that’s making waves and changing the way business owners get insurance for the better

- Have your work featured all over our social media, in press releases and a targeted marketing campaign!

Interested?  How to apply 

You must be a local artist in either:

- Akron

- Cleveland

- Columbus

- Cincinnati

- Will be able to complete the mural by mid to late June 2021.

Email mural@foxquilt.com with “Foxquilt Mural” in the subject line and:

- Your resume with references

- Your portfolio featuring examples of murals you’ve done and any other examples of work that showcase your specific style.

- Remember, we want you to have creative freedom with how you present our quilt idea! Your mural will be 1 of 4 murals in Ohio; we’d love for each mural to be different from one another - showcasing each artist’s unique style and interpretation of the concept, and the small businesses that make that city special.

- Application deadline: May 20th, 2021

-Other than that, it’s your freedom and artistic license to present this story and vision however you feel best! 

To learn more follow about the mural project, click the link below:


Prize summary: 
$5000 payment
Prizes Details: 

$5000 Payment for the completion of the project (price includes costs for the materials)


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
No fee
Contact & Links: 

Live in- Artist-In-Residence






Rubber City Prints 

Address: 467 W. Market St. 

Space Type: To Rent 

Size: 1000 sq. ft. 

Location: Out of County

Neighborhood: Summit County

Rent: $200 per month

Use: Live/Work, Producing / Studio Space, Selling work / Storefront, Gallery Space

Organization: Rubber City Prints

Contact: KristaDescription: Live In Artist-In-Residence

Seeking artist applicants to rent space in a fine art printmaking community and live among other artists. All artist must have printmaking experience and currently be working in any fine art printmaking medium.

For just $200 per month you will have a private bedroom with a reserved shower and 24/7 access to print studio. Our studio is equipped with a letterpress, 2 etching presses, inking stations, screenprinting area, clean work-space area, 2 washing sinks, full kitchen and bathroom. Must be a responsible key holder to the printshop.

This live-in position requires the artist to not only be producing quality art but also to care for the facilities and support our mission and educational opportunities.

Must have a Fine Art degree and proof of experience in printmaking via resume
Must apply & be approved by Board of Directors
Key holder of Rubber City Prints limited to 3 month, 6 month, 12 month terms. Must choose term with application.
Must complete background check
Respectful of other printmakers in a shared space
Responsible, tidy & well organized

Daily duties include constructive ethical care of the shop
Checking incoming mail
Helping with show install/deinstall
Management of potential commissions projects with opportunity to get paid (optional)
Instructor Opportunities with potential to be paid if class is filled with 3 or more students (optional)
Promotional outreach for printmaking commissions & services
4 hours per week observation of open studio hours/gallery hours.
Management of observed quiet hours 12-8 am

Please send resume, cover letter explaining your current Printmaking experience, and 5 photos of your current fine art prints.
*Open to all fine majors & mediums but must have Printmaking experience to apply

3 month, 6 months, 12 month rental options. We will adjust accordingly!



Contact & Links: 
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