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Artists in Residence - Quinta das Relvas




Call for applications!

Quinta das Relvas Association invites artists and curators from all practices, genders, ages, nationalities and ethnicities to apply to our new program of one-month residencies.

Artists in Residence - Quinta das Relvas is a program of one-month artist residency, that takes place at Quinta das Relvas Association. 

Quinta das Relvas, is a non-profit NGO located in Branca, in the municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha in Portugal, and is dedicated to non-formal education activities in the areas of Arts and Sustainability. Quinta das Relvas headquarters are placed in a farm, that has a unique natural heritage in terms of native fauna and flora, as well as a rich history with the local population (it is an 18th century manor house where several families have lived). Here, Quinta das Relvas’ team works daily to promote and develop activities capable of training participants and staff in the association's areas of activity (Arts and Sustainability) through the sharing of knowledge in events of various kinds, including conferences, workshops, artistic residencies, and exchanges. The target audience of Quinta das Relvas is, in particular, young adult in training, at the beginning of their careers, giving priority to those who are in some way disadvantaged and / or at risk, in a local, national and international context. Sending participants to international activities through training and exchange programs, free of charge, is also one of the association’s fields of action.

The organization has a multidisciplinary team with elements working in the fields of event management, education, plastic and performing arts, architecture, meditation, permaculture, among others.


How is our Artists in Residence (AIR) program?

This program was created to fulfill a need and a demand from people that contacted us before, willing to work at the farm on their personal projects. With this in mind, we applied our expertise from other projects of ours such as GRÃO - residência artística e de investigação (AIR program for national emerging artists) to create this new AIR  with unique characteristics that we believe will empower our artists in residence, both in personal and artistic ways. 

Artists who apply for this AIR program must understand and accept that they will be producing work in a rural environment, which brings with it challenges that require the availability of the resident to adapt to them. 

Artists will be able to work in different spaces of the farm, including a studio (an 80m2 wooden structure placed in the middle of the woods, full of natural light), and will benefit from the close contact with other artists, from different backgrounds and nationalities, and will have the possibility of preparing an exhibition in a local venue, at the end of the one-month period established for the residency. The association is open to the initiatives of our artists residents, (such as organizing workshops, talks, events that engage local community etc…) and we will have a member of our team available to help materialize any initiatives that may be proposed. 

This program requests a fee of 350€ per artist for the duration of one-month residency that includes:

Studio space 20m2 ;
The residency receives a total of 4 residents per period, who share the studio. The studio is a wood and glass structure, full of natural light, placed in the middle of the forest with a total of 80 m2.

Shared Accommodation;

Equipped kitchen;


Common areas; 

Basic working furniture (on request) such as table, chair, wood planks, easel etc;

Access and usage of tools available in the association;

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