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Promote your work with Al-Tiba9 Interviews and engage with our diverse readership. 

Al-Tiba9 Interviews is a promotional platform for artists to articulate their vision and to reach a varied audience of art collectors, art lovers, and fellow artists. You will receive a webpage entirely dedicated to you, with a selection of works, your artist’s statement and biography, as well as a detailed interview, tailored specifically to promote you and your artworks.

10 questions with the artist - The Digital Interview
Once selected, you will be interviewed by the founder & curator Mohamed Benhadj to highlight your artistic career and introduce you to the international contemporary art scene across our wide network of museums, galleries, art professionals, art dealers, collectors, and art lovers across the globe.





• Artists are welcome to submit their works. All techniques are welcome.

• Artists from all countries are welcome to submit.

• Artists interviewed in the past can submit new works.


  • A personal interview will be sent via email to the artist, including 10 questions.
  •  Interviews will be published permanently on our platform.


Good Luck!

Al-Tiba9 Team


Entry Fee:

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La Vienísima announces the first feminist photography contest PERSPEKTIV_A on the occasion of International Women's Day. An initiative that arises with the aim of giving visibility to women artists and photographers, promoting the achievement of a more just and egalitarian society, promoting feminist movements and stimulating the creativity of participating women. Why only Women? Because although at the international level we find a high number of active professional female photographers and it is a group with high education, training and specialization, there is an evident imbalance in visibility, as well as in access to the mechanisms of distribution, legitimation and commercialization of the artwork compared to male artists.

Prize summary: 
100 euros / 50 euros
Prizes Details: 

Professional Jury Prize: 100 euros + Diplom

Public Jury Prize: 50 euros + Diplom

Contact & Links: 

MUYA Open Call - 幻化纬度 (Transform & Unique & Latitude)





About MUYA:

MUYA is an artist and designer independent subscription and WeMedia art platform based in English and Chinese languages. We hold the respect and love for the art and look forward to hearing from more and more diverse and unique artistic thoughts. We are aiming to build an art interview space and a platform for individuals.

In the time of 2020 and 2021, although we had a tough time in 2020, it will not stop us from moving forward. Whenever we are working, we are still working hard for a better future step by step, day by day. What did you do in 2020? And What are you planning for 2021? MUYA is welcoming our new publication plan for next season. We are looking forward to your submission!!

MUYA next season subscription topic -- 幻化纬度 (Transform & Unique & Latitude), we introduce this topic around with the core concept of “Transform” and the coordinates of “Latitude.” The “transform” is how you use your unique art way or method to shift this world. The “Latitude” is how we respect your thoughts standing in a unique space in this world.

OPEN CALL topic 幻化纬度 (Transform & Unique & Latitude):

MUYA next season topic -- 幻化纬度 (Transform & Unique & Latitude) is facing to all of art and design-related industry and field all around the world. We sincerely invite those who work in contemporary art, design, illustration, craft, street art, animation, new materials, new media, curators, studio partners, creators, film and television, writing, music, other outstanding new stars and predecessors to do creative dialogues. We do not care about whether you graduated from art school or you are still learning as a student. We strongly welcome the people who fascinate in art and design, enjoy speaking out, love to share their works and practices, and, most importantly, confident with your works. Also, you have an idea about our topic 幻化纬度 (Transform & Unique & Latitude), it will be our pleasure to interview you and finalize to individual platform and space. Here is a space just for you!!

The “幻化 (Transform)" here includes the transformation of material and non-material, such as material, thinking, and emotion. As an artist and designer, you have the unique ability to transform what you see and hear in your life into excellent, beautiful, and impressive works. The transformation concept and process are silently hidden in the testing, application, and practice of materials.

Here refers to the "纬度 (Latitude)" generation - each one unique coordinate, the concept of art and design every latitude direction has a unique idea. We believe that the literary narrative material and non-material on the concept of art form is a unique charm of art and design creative process. We want to through art creation experience and function of such humanistic interview form for rendering. According to the works, we will interview questions and answer the problem direction according to the different approaches of research and practice of each art creator (our problem is personal customized ~ ~). This method is different from the video interview method, a written interview based on the text, and MUYA tries to break the barriers of time and space. Images are composed based on language, and they are finally output and expressed in the form of words.

DEADLINE: 2021.01.13
FEE: Free for submission (After be selected, it will be paid for publication: Students 15$; Others 20$)
- The fee will contribute to publication edit, website publish, WeMedia art platform publish, art interview service for individual, English / Chinese translation, and design interview topic logo including promotion video and GIF logo. We are a nonprofit community. The fee will contribute to the general work and run for the whole MUYA art platform. 


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Free for submission (After be selected, it will be paid for publication: Students 15$; Others 20$) The fee will contribute to the general work and run for the whole MUYA art platform. Thanks for your support.
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Crossed by the current context, we think in the necessity of researching the possibilities of the artistic work, bounded by the social distancing provisions we look for alternatives of coexistence through the artistic activation of our Shop- Window. Different voices have drawn our attention to the increasing vigilance and control by the state and society in general.

Instructional Residency is proposed as an artistic device of visibility and reflection on the current context and its consequences, based on the appearance in the public space in a situation of isolation / social distancing due to the pandemic. Using the space of a commercial showcase beside the street, Belgrado’s Shop-Window becomes a device of aseptic exhibition, isolated from the viewers, the passers by that walk the Belgrano Avenue in the City of Buenos Aires.

We invite artists to send their proposals to carry out their work remotely in the Belgrado’s Shop-Window. The proposals will be sent as instructions, and Casa Belgrado team will carry out the works based on the artistic instructions of the selected proposals, (subject to) the human and technical resources of the space.


Site Specific, transdisciplinary transit between contemporary performing practices, performance, movement, theater and its possible expansions, to sound, multimedia and audiovisual art. We embrace intersections and experiences in hybrid formats of composition and presentation close to the idea of post-discipline.

Social isolation – body – home – virus and pandemic – control and surveillance devices – posthumanism – interior- exterior – dystopian futures.

The selected projects will have three encounters via zoom before the realization of the piece-instructive:

  1. -General presentation
  2. -Technical and artistic direction meeting
  3. -Technical and artistic tunning

Important considerations:

The residency has no cost for the artist

The pieces will take place totally inside the Belgrado’s Shop-Window

The exhibition of the pieces can last between 3 hours and 4 days

The access of the public to the Shop-Window will not be allowed

The costs of necessary materials and additional resources are the responsibility of the artist.

The realization of the pieces includes the audiovisual recording of them and their divulgation on social media

All details and incidentals not mentioned in this convocatory will be resolved in dialogue with Casa Belgrado’s team.

The human and material resources will be available for the proposals

The proposals will be received until july 31

The selected projects will be announced the first week of August.

The selected projects will be exhibited during 2020. Doubts and queries to


Human Resources
(Performers / Technicians Available)


Performing creator, born in Mexico City in 1982. His work is crossed by theater and documentary, the expanded scene and the artistic activism in territories marked by violence. Currently he works in the project “Ternura radical” (Radical tenderness), a scenic research of affective relations from a non binary perspective, reflecting on feminist, queer and decolonial thoughts.


Interdisciplinary creator, she works mainly in the field of

contemporary performing arts and cultural management, artistically exploring diverse territories and formats as installation, performance and puppet theater. Body, objects and their poetic power are the gravitational center of her research, her work deals with themes around visibility of violence and the idea of act-memory. Currently researchs in the creation of better proposals through tenderness and the activation of affections.


Electrical technician in audiovisual media and stage productions. Professional advertiser. Born in Bogotá COLOMBIA. Artist by vocation and researcher of the movement on stage. He works as a technician of different tools in production and post production. In his work behind the scenes, from Art Assistance and Photography Direction, he has made different proposals of work in Artistic Language Crossing, and participated in different film and commercial productions.

Material Resources:

Viewsonic projector Pa503x
Led projector
Audio console, 4 channels, 2 speakers Projection screen

Basic lighting equipment


Characteristics of the space and regulations for use

The selected proposals will be exhibited in Hall 1 of Belgrado’s

Shop-Window, which measures 4.25 x 5.25 m.

The large window that faces the street measures 3.00mt x 2.10

Carpet floor.

The use of fire, liquids, or corrosive, toxic or combustible substances is prohibited.

Drilling into walls is prohibited


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Open Sculpture




Deadline for Submissions: MAY 31, 2020, Duration: JULY 1 - NO DEADLINE , Application fee: FREE , Location: NO BORDERS

Artists are invited to propose up to 3 works that are relevant to the subject, sculpture and installations. Works must stand in nature or urban space.

OpenSculpture are discovering relations between open spaces, nature and human influence. Help us to build a network of sculptures with reminds of social relation and human influence to landscape.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Artist Competition in 2020 for the next edition, front cover and 6 pages of interview and images!



Take the chance and be the winner of the next cover for the Gallery M & Art agent's international art magazine, which will be released October 1, 2020.

The winner will be presented when the magazine comes out!

Deadline for submission is July 30, 2020.

We are looking for artists in different media!

paintings, photographers, sculptors, college and textile artists into  the contest

Everything is closed and no one knows how long this virus Coronavirus (COVID-19) going to be.

Now take the chance to be in the digital world, when the physical world is kind of shut down for public places. Join us and we promote your art, so galleries and art buyers still see you .
Sign up for the next art magazine is a good example of being visible in the art world.

First edition is out NOW & over 6000 readers worldwide!

Prizes Details: 

Artist Competition in 2020 for the next edition, front cover and 6 pages of interview and images!


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