Wild and Tamed Animals Art Competition 2023

Blue Koi Gallery invites you to participate in the Wild and Tamed Animals Art Competition, a celebration of creatures in their untamed and domesticated forms. This competition encourages artists to capture the essence of wildlife in their natural habitats or portray the profound connection between humans and their tamed companions. Open to all artists, regardless of location, and participants must be 18 years or older. Submissions in various mediums and skill levels are encouraged to apply. 


Previous showcasing artists are encouraged to submit artwork(s) to the new and future call outs.


The theme for this Call Out is "Express Yourself"  Theme inspired by Madonna's song 'Express Yourself' and her upcoming tour.

​Express who you are. A Powerful global call out for all artists. How do you express yourself through your art?  Do you express them through feelings or emotions creating abstract art or being outdoors creating landscapes, or figurative art through the curves of the body and composition?

​There is no right or wrong way for this theme. Feel free to express yourself to the world and show us your creativity!



Previous showcasing artists are encouraged to submit artwork(s) to the new and future call outs.


The theme for this Call Out is CELEBRATE ART WITH COLOUR.

The Power of colour has a big impact in our World today especially on social media to catch the public attention. Colour is used to express our inner emotions and tell a story. We are looking for abstracts, portraits, digital art, landscapes, photography, collages, figurative and digital art  Black and white, monochrome is also a colour.

Submit your best pieces that use colour and show us your creativity!   


Theme: There is no theme for this Call Out. We want to see your artwork. All entries that follow the theme and abide by the general rules which can be found here will be accepted

Prizes / Reward: All Artists who enter will have all their submitted artwork featured in our brand new

'3D Art Gallery Experience' shown online. Click here to preview

​Video will be available for downloading for personal use or linking back to Opulent Art Gallery for featuring.

1 selected artist will have up to 3 Artworks featured on Opulent Art Gallery's ARTSY page for 4 weeks for FREE!


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