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✨To all beings existing within the wonderful world of art, lend us your ears so we can lend you ours.✨
Our newest project, ArtSpeaks, is now open for applications! Keep reading to learn more!
Many new artists that are beginning to exhibit their works may be asked to give an artist talk at an opening they’re not quite prepared for. Well-seasoned makers that have made recent changes in the direction of their practice may like to solidify their new ideas into words. An up-and-coming curator may be looking to discuss their practice and what got them interested in such a behind-the-scenes position in the art world. And many professors who are practicing artists may have wanted to discuss their unique challenges in being able to balance two demanding careers. 
If you feel as though you connect with any of the above, then boy oh boy do we have an opportunity for you! Nefarious Contemporary’s ArtSpeaks series offers all creative minds an opportunity to share their existence within the art world through a virtual artist talk opportunity. We will be using zoom to conduct these talks and all that would like to join will be required to email us ahead of time for the link. We can't wait to hear from you, stay nefarious. 

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