ARTIST IN RESIDENCE OPEN CALL: Food, futures & biodiversity

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In this shifting world, communities return to the land, seek refuge in the environment and sustenance in nature, and Art Gene takes up residence on our outside project space, Allotment Soup.

Extreme Views – Food, futures & biodiversity will create an engaged art and environmental experience in the landscape.

Residency period 1 - 14th November 2021. 

Fee £2,400 for 12 days in residence. 

Artists are invited to Barrow-in-Furness for an intensive, collaborative 2 week residency to develop an ‘exhibition in the outdoors’, engaging with locals, creating interventions, provocations, and working with and around challenging issues for these extreme times.

In the final weekend the artists as guides will welcome the local community, to share the experience and add to the conversation, in a programme of open free events. 

The 2 week residency coincides with COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference hosted in Glasgow. We hope artists will respond to this occasion, to investigate how artists can engage with, and affect meaningful and urgent change in how we use and relate to our climate.

The residency will extend Art Gene’s current programme Extreme Views, to explore the pressing issues impacting on local people, place and biodiversity as we step out into the new normal.

As Lead Artist in Residence, Owen Griffiths, alongside Art Gene’s Artist/Directors Maddi Nicholson & Stuart Bastik, will support the 3 Artists in Residence throughout. Owen has been Extreme Views Artist in Residence with Art Gene since 2019, creating the online Extreme Views: Armchair Walks, and digital green space mapping. 

Read Owen’s full artist brief, and find full details, on our website.


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£2,400 12 days in residence
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Artist in Residence: food, futures & biodiversity





Artist-in-Residence: food, futures and biodiversity

Freelance Part Time, 2.5 days per week (Flexible)

One year residency from April 2020

Fee £9,460

Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria

Deadline for applications: 12 April 2020

Art Gene is announcing an opportunity for an experienced artist to work within our team and community of volunteers and participants on the further development of the Isle of Walney Community Growing Space (est. 2015) to facilitate learning around sustainable approaches to local food production and help redress biodiversity loss across the borough’s nine islands and the town’s urban core.

The Borough of Barrow-in-Furness is rated No.1 nationally for the number and quality if its natural heritage assets yet only a tiny proportion of local people engage with that environment (source: RSA Heritage Index, set. 2016).

Through providing a regular presence on the site and delivering a range of collaboratively developed public facing events, the successful candidate will lead on the year’s programme, including maintenance and planting activities and contributing to the further development of infrastructure across the facility.

They will also work closely on our collaboration with the University of Cumbria’s ‘Back On Our Map’ Species Restoration Project which will strengthen 12 native species in the South of the County and contribute to Art Gene’s Extreme views programme of events exploring the role of green space in the 21st C. urban core.

Prizes Details: 

One year residency from April 2020

Fee £9,460

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