OPEN CALL | Artists as Environmentalists | Summer Exhibition

The Climate Art Collection is a non-profit art foundation that serves as a curatorial platform for artists who address climate and nature themes in their work. We are planning our yearly summer exhibition in Berlin and welcome submissions from artists worldwide and embrace all art formats.

Our objective is to bring climate change and its effects to the attention of a global a audience, including galleries, curators, collectors, and the general public. Besides the summer exhibition, the Climate Art Collection continuously curates submitted artworks and the platform itself for external projects, exhibitions and campaigns in the international art scene, remotely and on site.

We are warmly welcoming digital submissions of your works and look forward to featuring your work.

OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS // On-line Program

GlogauAIR is a space for all types of artists. We welcome applications from all around the world and various backgrounds and artistic disciplines. The applications are reviewed by GlogauAIR’s team which is comprised of local and international art professionals. The program includes curatorial support, regular group meetings, talks by experts and workshops. The artists are asked to work from their homes or personal studios, using material they can source.


What do we provide?

- Activities and workshops in group sessions with other artists from around the globe.

- Curatorial and technical support through weekly individual sessions.

Intersectional 5.0

prideART Berlin e.V. is hosting our 5th annual pride-month exhibition Intersectional. Intersectionality in our context relates to giving a platform to LGBTQIA+ artists from all backgrounds an opportunity to show their work as part of a group exhibition. We seek artists who create visual art in all media types and from various social, economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Our only pre-requisite for inclusion in the exhibition is that the artists identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, the work does not necessarily need to have an LGBTQIA+ social commentary theme. 

PICTURE BERLIN Summer Session 2023

Storytelling is a cultural exploration of narrative sharing that very often includes not only embellishment but improvisation. Artists use wide ranging materiality to explore their stories. Often the materiality harnesses their senses in a multitude of ways. PICTURE BERLIN’s Summer Session 2023 will explore storytelling from various vantage points harnessing the senses offering insight into how Berlin based artists and creatives use and access their wider environments both within themselves but also within the city.


The MindAIness performance art open call explores the intersection of art, technology, and ethics, with a focus on the mindful consideration of AI in society. The event aims to spark conversations about the ethical considerations surrounding AI development and use, highlighting the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI. 

Performances will explore themes such as the relationship between AI and human emotions and experiences, the impact of AI on society and the environment, and gendered power dynamics in AI's impacts. 





Deadline – April 7th (Friday) 2023

Scope BLN – Artists-in-Residence (AiR) program is announcing an open call to artists from Europe in all fields of contemporary arts.

The start of the program is in mid-May / first half of June, 2023

What does Scope BLN AiR offer?


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