Open Call: Publishing Deal with SNAP Collective

SNAP Collective is an innovative and dynamic art book publishing house based in Copenhagen specialized in producing high-quality publications featuring emerging and established artists.

Our mission is to ensure that artists present their exceptional work in the form of art books without any financial constraints. We believe that each artist deserves an opportunity to share his/her talent with the world, and we are committed to making it happen.
We take care of every stage of the publishing process, from book project launch to completion, ensuring that the art book is produced to the highest standards and reflects the artist’s unique vision.

Berlin, I ?❤? you

We'd like to suggest you participate in an open call on the topic “Berlin, I ?❤? you”. Through your art, you could express your feelings about this city. Do you adore it or hate it? Did Berlin change your life? How does it look in your eyes?

The exhibition will run from August 19th to August 24th. The deadline for application is August 14th.

Type of art:

We accept any form of visual art for this exhibition.

- It can be paintings, sculptures, or printed digital art.

- It can be a digital photo art that can be used in a slideshow;

- It can be a video art that would be filmed on a wall and on the window screens (not longer than 15 minutes);

- It can be books, magazines, or other literature-related physical objects;

Surreal Reality

We'd like to suggest you apply to our open call. Your artwork can be displayed in a small venue in Berlin, in the heart of a hip district Friedrichshain.

The topic states "Surreal Reality". What is it for you? Maybe it looks familiar to what we know, but some details make it weird? Or maybe it is a micro-world that is far from what we see every day? Or it is an imaginary world full of creatures beyond "normality"?

Art format:

- This part of the exhibition will feature photos or digital art on the given topic. The digital artwork will be printed in A3 format and framed in a black frame. Therefore the image quality should be sufficient for it.

- Your artwork can be photography, digital art, or generative art, as long as it fits the topic.

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