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artspace bremerhaven will open its doors in our famous street „Alte Bürger“ for artist of all disciplines and all walks of life. Our invitation calls on local, national, and international artists to use unorthodox locations in our street in order to inspire people with your art. You are asked to conquer these places with your ideas. So artspace bremerhaven will turn streets, workshops, galleries, hallways, ateliers, apartments, commercial spaces and vacancies into stages, canvases, and spaces for artistic resonations.We are looking forward to seeing how you occupy this plethora of unorthodox spaces. Every idea is welcome: like dance and all other performances, theater, painting, sculpture, installations, music, and everything in between. artspace  bremerhaven identifies itself as a voyage of discovery for the visitors through interdisciplinary moments of art and a kaleidoscope of border crossings, conventional disruptions and newborn ideas.

Our model is the First Friday movement in Las Vegas, NV ( First Friday is a successful example of how art and culture enhance the living quality and the appearance of city life. We are very proud to present artspace  bremerhaven for the fourth year running. For more information visit our website on:


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