The Freedom of Abstraction

The Freedom of Abstraction
May 3, 2019 – June 1, 2019

The rise of abstraction meant freedom from the strictures and constraints of naturalism and representation. For some, it means stripping away the visual irrelevancies of nature in order to explore different subjects, an exploration of the artist’s own imagination, or finding the essential qualities a form observed in the real world. The freedom of abstraction rests on a paradox: the liberation of non-objective art often meant the new focus on order, form, and purity.

Photography: Series and Repetition

Photography Series and Repetition
May 3, 2019 – June 1, 2019

This show seeks to exhibit the diverse and exciting ways that photographers use sequence and series in their work. Repetition and seriality are built into the every level of photography from the production process, to its aesthetic theory, to the real-life practice of taking pictures. Photographs are often seen as representations or repetitions of reality itself, all while photography itself shapes modern consciousness just as much as it re-creates it. Site:Brooklyn is looking for work that actively engages with all aspects of repetition and series in photography. This might include subject matter, formal qualities, method, presentation, and much else.

Trestle Gallery Artist Residencies

Trestle Gallery has two residency opportunities with April 15th deadlines, our Trestle Artist Residency and Visiting Artist Residency. For details on each of the residencies, continue reading below.


Application Deadline: April 15, 2019 (11:59PM)  
Residency Dates: July 1 - December 31, 2019

Small Works 2019 | Trestle Gallery

Small Works 2019 is Trestle Gallery's annual open call showcasing works 12” and smaller! The application is live until April 1st, 2019--national and international artists are welcome to apply! For more information, please view the application.

Art Slope '19 - Shorts in the Slope

Attention Filmmakers:

Submit your short narrative or documentary film (under 20 minutes) through Filmfreeway to Art Slope '19 Shorts in the Slope.  Regular submissions open to February 28.

This year is also open to youth filmmakers ages 7 to 18.  Submitt your short film (under 10 minutes) through the above link!

We can hardly wait to view your creation!  Short shorts and animation are welcome.




Trestle's Critical Feedback Program

Trestle programs are designed to offer an alternative to the expense of higher education. The Trestle philosophy comes from a belief that artists can grow and learn from each other without the excessive student loans that can come with graduate work at larger institutions. With a studio in NYC, one of the biggest contemporary art meccas in the world, Trestle program participants have the ability to explore all that the city has to offer with a community of like minded individuals.

Trestle’s Critical Feedback Program participants work with art professionals who work in the “real” art world today, actively seeking and earning opportunities, with current information and relevant advice. 


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