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Works on Paper

For many, the freedom and immediacy afforded by working on paper is instrumental to their practices, spawning new
techniques and aesthetics, subjects and methods. Works On Paper encompasses a diverse range of media — from
drawing, printmaking, painting, collage, and beyond. Far from being confined to studies and experiments, works on
paper represent important modes of art-making in their own right.
BWAC is seeking artists exploring the creative potential of working on paper. Works On Paper will showcase artists with
an experimental spirit and exploration of the interaction between artist and paper in the process of creating art. No
photography. Original and framed work only.

Fine Grit: Art & Ideas In Wood

Fine Grit is a national juried exhibition of contemporary artists who use wood as a primary material in their work. From traditional techniques such as hand carved sculpture, woodcuts and pyrography to more recent technologies such as laser engraving and 3D printing, artists have long used wood as a source material and medium. Wood comes directly from nature and each piece has its own unique lifecycle, evident in the processes artists and other makers utilize while working with it.

Particular interest will be given to artists who consider the origin of their materials and who use wood as subject matter, addressing topics such as forestry, ecology, architecture, human consumption and the changing climate.


Realism vs. The Abstract

A national juried exhibition. Color, forms, shapes, and subject matter are all concepts used by artists to express themselves through REALISM — art which aims to reproduce reality. By contrast, THE ABSTRACT is art which can convert those same concepts into patterns of color, forms, and shapes. Therefore, artwork of either genre can be submitted, This exhibition will attempt, by way of their formal arrangements, to draw associations between these two seemingly disparate genres.

CALL FOR ARTISTS: The Other Art Fair Brooklyn

Meet collectors and make sales from your own booth at a 4-day in-person art fair in Brooklyn, NY. Receive logistics and marketing support, booth curation feedback, and more. Meet collectors, fellow artists, and experience exhibiting your work in a curated space of your own! 

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Textile Arts Center's Artists-in-Residence Cycle 16 - Call for Applications

Textile Arts Center's Artist in Residence (TAC AIR) combines studio access with a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum, regular critical dialogue and mentorship, providing residents an opportunity to learn and explore the textile medium, and an alternative to traditional higher education programs. The residency culminates in a group exhibition produced and hosted by TAC. Since 2010, TAC AIR has graduated over 100 artists and designers whose work continues to further textile art within the fashion, fine arts, design and art education fields.


TAC AIR Cycle 16 will run from October 2024 to June 2025, artists will exhibit in September, 2025.


TAC AIR Program Provides:

Youth Opportunities: Curatorial Art & Media


ATTENTION TEEN FILM, MEDIA MAKERS & ARTISTS:  Bring your art to life and apply to have your work featured in a youth art exhibition at BRIC House in May 2024! OR Do you want to showcase your film in Brooklyn? Apply to have your work featured in a youth media festival at BRIC House this spring! 


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