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Youth Opportunities: Curatorial Art & Media


ATTENTION TEEN FILM, MEDIA MAKERS & ARTISTS:  Bring your art to life and apply to have your work featured in a youth art exhibition at BRIC House in May 2024! OR Do you want to showcase your film in Brooklyn? Apply to have your work featured in a youth media festival at BRIC House this spring! 

2025 Open Call for Exhibitions

Open Source Gallery is excited to announce that our 2025 Open Call for exhibition is now open. We are looking for artists from around the world practicing in any form of media, ranging with an emphasis on experimentation, sustainability, and social engagement. Open Source invites applications that are aligned with our mission to observe the social environment we are surrounded by.  As part of this opportunity, selected artists will receive artist fees based on the W.A.G.E. certification schedule, a production budget and support from Open Source in the form of planning, production and communications. The current application cycle is open now through Friday, October 13, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. ET


The A.I.R. Fellowship Program was established in 1993 by former artist member Stephanie Bernheim in order to support underrepresented and emerging women and non-binary artists in New York City. Each year, six artists are awarded a year-long fellowship to develop and exhibit a project at A.I.R. Gallery.


The exploration of how we perceive color and its subconscious effect on our hearts and souls is a core element in the making of art. Fiery reds, cool hues of blue or the freshness of green could all have different meanings to people, based on their personal experiences, cultures, and their time in history. As artists, we are challenged to examine and express the various shades of human existence in living color. This is your charge for this exhibition.

Exhibition dates: September 9 to October 8, 2023

Kunstraum LLC Artist Residency


Application Deadline: October 15, 2023 | Notifications: End of November, 2023 | Applications submitted before August 1, 2023 will be considered on a rolling basis

KUNSTRAUM is calling for submissions for our 2024-2025 Artist-in-Residence Program.

KUNSTRAUM is a community of artists by artists with the goal of redefining the collaboration between artists and curators. Through our program, we aim to explore the relationships between artists and curators by opening our gallery spaces to those interested in exploring unconventional, engaging ideas and taking risks.

The Arc Project: Humans from Mundane to Mythical

Calling all artists, this is more than just an ordinary portrait show. It’s a visual exploration of creativity and humanity!
Humans make for fascinating subjects. As artists, we start with the simple task of capturing the spirit of being human in our works. We navigate the many challenges -- limitations of media and skill, discomfort, emotional visceral interactions and reactions -- yet we yearn to say something, capturing an essence that sometimes only we can see. This is the point where this exhibit begins -- with human beings in front of us; extracting from life the ordinary and mundane to the fantastical and mythical! All representations are valid ways to celebrate the beautiful arc of our humanity -- that shared experience which celebrates us!


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