OPEN CALL for Artists: Design of the entrance hall of the Goethe-Institut Belgium

OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS IN BELGIUM: Design of the entrance hall of the Goethe-Institut Brussels 
The Goethe-Institut is the globally active cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany. As such, we are committed to promoting understanding between Germany, Europe and the world. The activities of the Goethe-Institut Belgium, located in the EU quarter of Brussels, include cultural exchange as well as cultural events, German language courses and information work.   


We are currently accepting submissions for our upcoming group show to be held at 254Forest as a part of Photo Brussels Festival 2024! 

For this exhibition we will go back to the roots of the PEP project, both inclusive and sensitive to experimentation, and celebrate photography as a means to explore unknown territories. There is no imposed genre or subject for this open call - we want to discover how your personal approach to the medium reflects a certain vision on topics that matter most to you. 

Liminal Space

For our next exhibition at K.L.8, we are looking for art that deals with the theme of “liminal space”, in a visual or a conceptual sense.

Exhibit in European capitals


We are excited to announce ART ON LOOP EUROPE 2023, and invite artists from all countries to submit their works for consideration. This exhibition is open to all mediums, including but not limited to painting, photography, printmaking, video art, installation, films, sculpting, mixed media, poems, illustration, and more. The theme for the exhibition is OPEN, giving you the freedom to submit any work that aligns with your artistic vision.


For digital artworks, such as digital illustrations, digital photography, or video art, simply submit the work as is.

For physical artworks, such as canvases or sculptures, we require either photo or video documentation.


For our upcoming group exhibition, K.L.8 is looking for visual artists whose work actively reflects on the concept of ‘value’ in art. In what sense can you say that an artwork possesses worth? And does this need to be limited to monetary and material value, or can art have other kinds of value, such as social value, spiritual value, emotional value, ...?

Art on Loop in Brussels


Artists from all countries are welcome to submit their works for our ART ON LOOP EUROPE show. You are welcome to submit works in any medium. (painting, photography, printmaking, video art, installation, films, sculpting, mixed media, poems, illustration, etc). The theme of the exhibition is OPEN.

Any artwork that is digital by nature, such as digital illustration, digital photography or video art can simply be submitted as is.

For physical art works such as canvases, sculptures etc, we will be requiring either photo or video documentation of them.

Any artist from any background can submit any of their work.


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