2019 Ethnic Queen Magazine Free Photo Modeling Contest



2019 Ethnic Queen Magazine Print Modeling Casting Calls Free Online Magazine Print Model Contest For  Indian models, Thai models, Asian models, Desi models, Ethnic models, African models, Black models, Pinay models, Latina models, Bi-Racial models, Middle Eastern models, Muslim models, Jewish Models, Portuguese models, African American models, and Somali models for Miss 2019 Ethnic Queen Magazine Ethnic Model of the Year model search worldwide for all gorgeous and glamorous aspiring ethnic female models ages 18-27 that would like to become a 2019 Ethnic Queen Magazine Ethnic Magazine Print Model and a chance to win a free $1,000 magazine photo shoot.

Are you reading this casting call because you are interested in modeling? If so, Please keep reading if you are interested in magazine print modeling.

Are you seriously interested in giving your modeling career a real jump start, expanding your modeling portfolio, getting paid modeling jobs, or becoming a featured female print model in an internationally known online magazine that is known worldwide for featuring some of the most gorgeous and glamorous models worldwide?

Would you like to have your modeling photos featured in an internationally known magazine and win a free $1,000 print model magazine photo shoot and video shoot, and a free $1,000 modeling photo shoot portfolio?

Are you are a gorgeous and glamorous aspiring ethnic female model age 18-27 with a unique beautiful look, great skin, and a great body and you have serious dreams of modeling and have always wanted to be a professional model, but you can’t find the right legit opportunity that would give you a real chance to expand your modeling career worldwide and be seen by thousands of people daily including fashion and entertainment industry insiders?

Do you have the creative talent, the persistence, the beauty, the body, the style, and a great recent professional photo portfolio of at least 12 full body photos that are no older than 12 months, that are worthy of being featured and published in our magazine?

If you answered yes to one of the questions above and you are a serious aspiring model that has a dream of doing print modeling or professional modeling and you are looking for an incredible free opportunity to gain worldwide exposure as a print model, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss if modeling is your passion or you have dreams of modeling, because this is a free opportunity that you should take advantage of if you are serious about jump starting your modeling career, or expanding your modeling career this year.

We will be selecting an ethnic female Model for each 2019 issue of Ethnic Queen Magazine and other ethnic female models that will also be featured with her in a 2019 Issue of Ethnic Queen Magazine, all selected models will win a free $1,000 magazine photo shoot and $1,000 model photo portfolio.

This is an amazing free modeling print opportunity for aspiring models and professional models looking for a free legitimate magazine print modeling opportunity that could take your modeling dreams to a paying modeling career level, that could give you the high profile modeling opportunity that you are looking for and take your aspiring modeling career to the next level, possibly opening doors to great paying fashion and entertainment job opportunities in the future.

If you are ready to take your aspiring modeling career to the next level as a possible magazine print model read the Model Submission guidelines Below:

2019 Ethnic Queen Magazine Model Submission Guideline:

To apply for consideration as a model for Ethnic Queen Magazine featured Ethnic model in the 2019 issue of Ethnic Queen Magazine:


You must be an Indian model, Thai Model, Desi model, Ethnic model, Ethiopian model, African model, Black model, Latina model, Pinay model, Bi-Racial model, Middle Eastern model, Jewish model, Portuguese model, African American model, or a Somali model.

You will need to submit a professionally written bio letting us know which casting call you are responding to, with your age, your city, state, or country, your height, weight, measurements, your email address, and phone number and submit 12 -20 recent professional full body high resolution photos in one of the following: formal dress clothing and heels, ethnic clothing or native clothing, casual clothing and heels, or lingerie. (No Photos in Jeans or Sneakers, No Camera Phone Photos, or Head Shot photos Please)

Please submit no less than 12-20 of your most recent and most impressive full body professional high resolution photos (that are no older than 12 months) with no writing on them, no logos, or photographer watermarks or signatures. (Do not Camera Phone Photos or head shot photos.)

Submit 12 -20 recent full body only professional photos of you posing in JPEG attachment to email and submit a bio with your age, your city, state, or country, your height, weight, measurements, your email address, and phone to us by email.





We do not accept photos that are older than 12 months, we do not accept less than 12 recent high resolution professional full body head to toe photos, we do not accept camera phone photos, we do not accept photos with more than one model in it, we do not accept photos posted on other websites or social media sites, we do not accept low resolution photos, we do not accept comp cards, we do not accept photos with writing on them, logos, or photographer signatures, and we do not accept personal photos or photos that are taken in your home, we don’t accept photos in jeans or sneakers, we don't accept head shot photos, we do not accept photos that are collages or have effects, or have borders added to them, so please do not submit none of the above photos for consideration.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Chicago Public Library Polish American Heritage Month





The Chicago Public Library is seeking artists to exhibit during October 2019 in celebration of Polish American Heritage Month. We are looking for artists who are of Polish descent or whose work showcases Polish traditions, customs or heritage. We are happy to have any type of visual art - photographs, paintings, sketches, etc. or small 3D art such as jewelry, small sculpture, paper-cutting, fiber arts, etc.

To enter: Please submit a brief artist's biography, artist's statement, contact information, if you have a desired neighborhood to exhibit in and 3-5 .jpeg images of your work. We also welcome links to artist's websites, press coverage or social media accounts. While we do our best to accommodate artists by placing their exhibit in their desired neighborhood branches, this is not always possible as we strive to showcase artwork during Polish American Heritage Month in communities all across Chicago. Artists who are selected to exhibit during Polish American Heritage Month will be required to complete the Chicago Public Library's insurance coverage form by August 26, 2019 forms will be distributed after artists are matched with a branch location. By entering you understand that if your work is selected for exhibition, you may be assigned to exhibit at any one of the Chicago Public Library's 81 locations. Lastly, artists or their designee must be available to install and remove their artwork - regrettably, we cannot accept long distance entries or artwork for display that arrives via mail or courier.

Any Questions and Entries must be submitted via email to: Anthony Ledwon by July 26, 2019 Entries will be reviewed by the Polish American Services Committee and selected artists will be notified via email in late July.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Meed3: When Photography Ruled the Streets





Important Dates:

Finalist Exhibition Dates: 07/12/19 – 08/02/19

Exhibition Opening 07/12/19

Entry Deadline: 06/22/19




Images - 5

Entry Fee $45.00


Gallery19 announces a call for entries for our Third annual juried competition, Meed3: When Photography Ruled the Streets. Photographers at all experience levels are invited to submit work.  Artists selected as finalists will have their work exhibited (and available for purchase*) at Gallery19 for the month of July 2019. ** As competition judge, Ahmed Ozsever, artist and educator, will review all entries, select finalists, and announce the winner at an opening reception at Gallery19, on July 12th, 2019.


THEME: When Photography Ruled the Streets

Gallery19 and juror Ahmed Ozever delve into the ever-changing world of street photography. There is no clear definition of street photography, but for this competition we will define street photography as the preservation of special moments of our time, in which artists make accessible to future generations.  These images are a documentation of who we are and where we have been.  Street photography fully immerses the viewer into a different time and experience. Our hope is that artists of all levels will submit work that will tell stories like street photographers Vivian Maier and William Eggleston.


$45 for submission of 5 jpgs.  Payment must be in US dollars.  Entry fees are non-refundable.  Submission of artists’ statements and bio required.


The winner of Gallery19 Meed3 will receive a solo show at Gallery19 for the month of August 2020. The winner will also have a one-year contract with Gallery19, which includes exposure on the gallery’s website, ongoing multi-media, promotion, including social media, participation in gallery programming (openings, events, artist talks, etc.), and direct sales efforts. In addition, Ahmed Ozsever will mentor the winner for a full year August 2019 through August 2020, by reviewing and evaluating work product, and assisting in development of a gallery-ready exhibition, all culminating in a solo exhibition at Gallery19.


We are honored to have Ahmed Ozsever preside over the 2019-2020 Gallery19 Meed3 competition. Ahmed Ozsever is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago. He works in installation and embraces architectural anomalies, as well as the hidden histories of a given location and exhibition space. His background in photography informs his recurring interest in the process, and limitations of photographic seeing. Ahmed’s work explores the articulation and perception of constructed temporalities, mediated experiences of land(scape), and the peculiar human traces inscribed in quotidian spaces. Ahmed earned his BFA in Photography from Herron School of Art at IU Indianapolis, and received his MFA from Cornell University.


Deadline for initial submissions:  June 22nd, 2019

1.) Commission: All sales of work from Gallery19 Meed3 will be transacted by Gallery19; Gallery19 will retain a 30% commission on all sales.

2.) Artists agree not to reproduce/sell images being exhibited in Gallery19 Meed3 within the state of Illinois for the duration of the exhibition (July/August 2019).

3.) Artist retains all rights to any photograph she/he submits, including ownership if applicable. If your image is selected for the juried competition exhibition, you grant Gallery19 nonexclusive right, in perpetuity, to: Use, in connection with the current annual photo competition exhibition, your name, city, state, and country of residence in Gallery19 promotions and publications. Use, in connection with the current annual photo competition exhibition, your image on partner and third-party promotions and can also be used in connection with future annual photo competition exhibitions, as a condition of the permission, Gallery19 shall credit all photographs with the caption Person’s name.

**Deadline for finalists’ framed works to reach Gallery19:  July 5th, 2019


A list of finalists will be posted to this page by June 26th, 2019.  Finalists will also be notified by email or phone


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

A Call For International Outsiders




International Artists:  AN ART SHOW
Liz Long Gallery at Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center
1957 S. Spaulding Ave. at 21st   

Chicago, Illinois   60623

The Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center is looking for artists from around the world to exhibit this Spring!  New and non-traditional artists are encouraged to apply!  We seek and encourage art about social justice issues, but we welcome art from all points of view.

Artists from Morocco, China, Turkey, France and Mexico will be included in this year's art show, but we need more!

The deadline for art to be delivered to the gallery is March 30.


April/May: International Artists

June/July: About Animals

August/December: Represented artists (and other shows as appropriate)

Contact & Links: 

Call for Submission.





Art & Beyond accpeting application to be publishe in the April Special Issue.

Art & Beyond Online Magazine will be promoted at the ArtExpo NY 2019 and 
Art! Vancouver 2019.

 Cover Competition is included in the Entry Fee of $95.00 for Full Page.

Art & Beyond is promotional services for artistst with 109,800+ readers as of today.

Contact & Links: 

Last Call for Submissions! - Art About the Issues: A Show for Women





The deadline for submitting to Chicago Urban Art Retreat's first show of the year is approaching, and we are still looking for artists to participate!

Artists are encouraged to create and submit art that tells a story about violence against women and girls, but we welcome all submissions related to contemporary women's issues.

Women need to continue to speak up and let their voices be heard. Men who support women need to get on board. This art show will allow viewers to discuss contemporary women's & girls issues through art.

We are offering workshops during the run of the show for new artists an opportunity to learn and make art about contemporary women's issues.

Check us out our Home Page or on Facebook to learn more about these opportunities and everything else we have going on this Spring.  We're also getting started up on this Instagramthing, so find us if we don't find you first!

Thank you for your consideration,

//Ms. Dianna C. Long, Director & Founder//

Contact & Links: 


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