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Pragovka Gallery announces an open call for involvement in our very first performance festival which is about to take place between the end of May and the begging of June 2025 on the premises of Pragovka Gallery.
Open Call is for both Czech and international artists.

ArtMill Residency

Beginning in 2005, with the acclaimed american artist/activist Kim Abeles as our first artist-in-residence, ArtMill has hosted artists each season to come and have the luxury of time and space away from urban life to focus on their projects. Generally, the theme is related to an aspect of ArtDialog's general mission or current programming. 

Our residency program is open to artists in the broad sense of the word: poets, scientists, writers, dancers, musicians, thinkers, creators, farmers, builders, performers or painters of the future. 

Residencies are a week to a few months in duration and encompass the artist becoming a member of our community and network, whether that be helping out in the gardens, cooking farm-to-table meals, or building a new woodshed. 

GHMP Art Book Fair

GHMP Art Book Fair
The fourth annual sales fair focusing on literature about art. Over the course of two days, it will offer a platform for galleries, art schools, internet portals, magazines, publishing houses, authors, book and fanzine creators, collectors and above all book lovers. The fair will include a varied accompanying programme for both children and adults. Entrance for visitors is free throughout the fair.

The sales fair will take place in the premises of Troja Château on:
Saturday 14 September 2024
Sunday 15 September 2024

Open Call Pragovka Gallery 2025


Pragovka Gallery announces an open call for:
1. authorial and exhibition projects (meaning it is possible to apply with both authorial and curator work) to the exhibition program of Pragovka Gallery, and for
2. creative residency programs at Pragovka for 2025.

Open Call is for both Czech and international artists and curators.

Application deadline: 02/05/2024 (23:59/11:59 pm) / Projects sent after the date will not be included in the selection procedure.


Prnt Scrn Zine

In a time when we are constantly thinking about conserving resources, recycling, and reusing material, what place does print have? What role do zines play? How do we choose what to print when dealing with an overabundance of material waste? On the other hand, the possibility of digital obsolescence may make us value print even more.

Zines offer a unique way of exploring these questions through a print-based medium. Zines are short publications with a long history of being self-published and DIY!

“To respond to these questions, we’re asking: If you could only print eight A5 pages, what would they be?”

The collection comes out on 24 January 2024!

Prague City Gallery

OPEN CALL – GHMP Art Book Fair 2023

The Prague City Gallery announces an Open Call for participation in the GHMP Art Book Fair, a fair focusing on literature about art, not only for publishers and institutions, but also for individual creators and groups dedicated to the creation of author books and fanzines.


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