Open Call For Artists: Studio Visit Book Vol 1

Studio Visit Book V.1

A Visual Journey Through Creative Spaces & Processes
Of Rising Women in the Arts.

Are you an emerging artist looking for a platform to showcase your work to the world?

Arts To Hearts Project is offering an incredible opportunity with our Studio Visit Book, Volume 1.

Open Call For Video Arts

SPHERE invites films and video art as part of a multi-sensory exploration of the theme(s) of [M3: migration-movement-mobility]. Attending to the distinct yet interconnected registers of the sonic, the visual, and the gustatory, the idea is to orchestrate an experimental performance involving a screening of the films alongside live music and culinary curation while searching for the grains [G3] through cross encounters.

The central thematic alludes to the varying modalities of movement that animate both human and nonhuman relations in the face of an increasingly globalized and de-territorialized present.

We invite works that will respond to the theme, granting accord to the video medium with the widest possible interpretations.

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