‘Mind - be here, present / be here now’



Kingshill House, located in Dursley, Gloucestershire, is seeking submissions for our first exhibition of 2022, entitled ‘Mind - be here, present / be here now’, opening 26th February.  

For this exhibition we are interested in exploring the importance of the Mind in a creative practice and the challenges of being present. Kingshill House is a vibrant arts and crafts space. We are champions of what we call the lost craft, and we specialise in delivering workshops, courses and exhibitions which inspire and educate people on contemporary, traditional and folk crafts. We welcome all types of work, especially those that address contemporary issues and concerns, use traditional materials in unusual ways, explore non-traditional processes, and/or challenge our community’s point of view.  

After several years of a world pandemic, we want to see where your mind has taken you in your practice. Is it a form of escapism, a little breathing space to relax, get out of your own head & pursue a mindful experience? How important is it to ‘be here, present/be here now’? Is it more important to you than ever before to find space for your creativity, exploring an escapism through art and craft or does your artwork need to be created in the present mind? We are looking to exhibit works which explore these ideas along with a sense of mindfulness; being intensely aware of what you are sensing and feeling in the moment. Does creating work become a habit that distracts you from the confines of your mind? Mindfulness and Escapism are seen as opposites and equals at the same time, and we welcome works of all styles of art and craft work including handicrafts, outsider art but also objects, painting, tapestry, ceramics, sculpture, photography, video and installation works.  

This exhibition will be co-curated by Georgie White Winter of Kingshill House and Stroud based artist Athene Grieg. 

Kingshill House is passionate to share and support art, craft, health and wellbeing with the community. We believe that art and craft is for everyone, and Kingshill House is a safe space that anyone can come, be creative, enjoy themselves, relax and take their minds off things. We provide an extensive programme of workshops, courses, drop-in classes and exhibitions.  


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