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Seeking First Nation/Coast Salish Mural Artist





Hi there! Mural Project Edmonds is looking for a First Nation/Coast Salish mural artist for an upcoming project. Mural will be painted on panels that are approx 16 ft long with a height that varies from 2-6 ft high. Budget is still being determined, but will be between $5-10K.

Pic is representative of style we are seeking. Art credit: Dave Faulstuh



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Mural Project Edmonds Summer 2019





Mural Project Edmonds is a subcommittee of Art Walk Edmonds (a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization) seeking qualified muralists or muralist teams to create outdoor murals for multiple walls in downtown Edmonds, Washington. Two new mural installations are planned for the summer of 2019. Exact size and location of murals is currently in final selection phase.

Project implementation: Two new mural installations have been identified for the summer of 2019. Completion deadline is September 30, 2019.

Budget: All-inclusive budget is $5,000 - $10,000 per mural, to be determined based on project size and complexity.

Muralists must create the artwork within the all-inclusive budget. This budget includes all costs associated with the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of the artwork. The muralist’s fee includes the costs of design, materials, fabrication, travel, liability insurance, tax and time spent in progress meetings and installation verification. 

Mural Project Edmonds seeks qualified muralists or muralist teams to design and create exterior murals for a series of locations in downtown Edmonds. The artwork will enhance the overall character and atmosphere of the downtown core and support a welcoming environment. The design of each mural should take into consideration the location of the wall, the architecture of the structure, the viewing angles of the surface and the impact on the surrounding area.

Edmonds is a vibrant arts community with a rich history. The scale of the city and its location within the Puget Sound area provides its visitors with stunning scenery. It is the intent of Mural Project Edmonds to enhance this character and not detract from Edmonds’ unique situation.    


To be considered for Summer of 2019, application materials for must be received on or before March 30, 2019 at 5:00 PM PST.  Any application materials received after the deadline will be filed for future murals. 


Mural Project Edmonds strives to create artwork which reflect aesthetic and technical quality, innovation, site-specificity and civic engagement. To ensure that the artwork meets the expectations of staff, neighborhood residents, and other stakeholders, the selected muralist or muralist team may be required to participate in a rigorous design process. This process includes place-based research, site visits and design meetings.

Muralists will be selected on the basis of their qualifications, as demonstrated by the quality of their past work and suitability of their artistic expression for each particular site. Muralist applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Artwork & Design Criteria


Visually engages and is contextually responsive to the community. 

Creates a sense of “place.”

Produces high quality, innovative and meaningful artwork.

Connects/articulates architectural form, massing and detailing.  

Integrates art into the fabric of the City.


Meets the programmatic requirements efficiently and creatively.

Adds value beyond the expectations of the program without increase in cost.

Creates artwork that is durable, easily maintainable and has low operational cost.


Mitigates any impacts to surrounding environment. 

Produces artwork which contextually responds positively to the site conditions and to environmental policies.


Muralist has a demonstrated ability to quickly ascertain project requirements, and to work with difficult materials, restricted site conditions and strict technical constraints.


Ability of the muralist or muralist team to successfully execute the project within the project timeline and budget

Ability of the muralist or muralist team to manage the design phase effectively to assure a high quality design

Ability of the muralist or muralist team to take direction from the MPE and/or all stakeholders involved in the design of the mural.

Only muralists who meet these criteria should apply.


Up to six muralists will be short-listed for interviews for each location opportunity based on the qualifications and criteria listed in this muralist call. A finalist/artwork proposal will be selected from a short presentation and interview. The Mural Project Edmonds committee will review muralist applications, conduct finalist interviews, select the muralist (or muralist team) in the spring of 2019, and review the project from design development through artwork installation. Installation will begin in early summer 2019.


Please send your CV/resume and up to 10 images of mural work. References will be required.

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