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Earth Photo - 2021





Earth Photo is an innovative competition and exhibition developed jointly by Forestry England and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) which reflects the organisations’ common interest in enabling a better understanding of the world around us through our complementary disciplines of the Environment and Geography. Earth Photo will focus on photographs or films which describe one of the following subjects; People, Place, Nature, Changing Forests and A Climate of Change – introduced to mark COP26, The UN climate change summit in Glasgow, due to be held in November 2021. The best image in each category will be awarded £250 each.

We believe that photography has a profound national and international influence and that a picture is worth a thousand words; images continue to influence public understanding of the world around us and convey meaning and emotion beyond the barriers of language.

Earth Photo’s main objective is to reveal the story behind the pictures: informing, entertaining and engaging audiences of all kinds and encouraging conversations to begin about their subjects. Earth Photo will enable the viewer not only to appreciate a single or group sequence of images, but also to understand the ‘back story’ to a picture.

Prize summary: 
Exhibit across the United Kingdom and win cash prizes.
Prizes Details: 

First Prize: A special prize will be awarded to one outstanding photographer.

Winners will also be selected for each of the categories and awarded £250 each:




Changing Forests

A Climate of Change

A prize will also be awarded for a Short Film.

The overall Earth Photo 2021 Winner and all the other prize winners will be announced during the exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society, London. One of the world’s finest collections of photography, artwork and mapping which records over 500 years of travel, people, place and geographical discovery from the 1480s to the present day.

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Earth Photo 2019 | Call for Entries | Deadline: 6 May 2019




Photographers, both amateur and professional, are invited to submit up to ten photographs or films to Earth Photo, an international photography competition and exhibition. Developed jointly by Forestry Commission England and the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) Earth Photo aims to stimulate conversations about our world, its inhabitants and our treatment of both.


All photographs and films submitted must be relevant to at least one of the following four categories: PEOPLE, PLACE, NATURE and CHANGING FORESTS. An expert panel will select around 50 works to be exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society, London from 6 July – 22 August 2019, before beginning a national tour of a number of Forestry Commission England forests. The panel will select an overall winner as well as one winner within each category: awards include cash prizes, editorial opportunities facilitated by RGS (with IBG) and opportunities with Forestry Commission England. A number of artists will also be eligible for a Next Generation Award and a Short Film Award.


Image credit : Christian Aslund, Chinstrap Penguin resting at Spigot Peak, the Antarctic Peninsula (2018)

Fee Detail: 
£15 per entrant
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