CUVO Festival 2023 - [An]Ecstasy

 Are we in ecstasy or anesthetized?

The International Videoart Festival CUVO launches a new open call for his seventh edition titled “[An]Ecstasy”. This year we want to ponder about the abscence of pain in which philosopher Byung-Chul Han has called palliative societies. We are open to any creation regardles of format, technique or genre. We'll select eight of the most groundbreaking videoart works that will shape the travelling exhibition of the festival along 2023.

Montemero Art Residency- Open Call for Interdisciplinary Artists in an Ecological Hub, Summer 2022

Montemero Art Residency 2022 – An Interdisciplinary Ecological Hub for Arts

Montemero Art Residency is an organization dedicated to sustainable ecology and alternative art production. We believe that the experience of living and creating in a different context has to be facilitated through collaboration and exchange. Thus, we opened our facilities to artists for them to network and collaborate with professionals from other fields.

The Program

OPEN CALL - Analogue Festival in Spain

The international festival of contemporary analog photography Revela'T is a unique event in Spain and pioneer in the world -absolutely singular and an international reference- that attracts the attention of photographers and people interested in Art and Culture from all over the world. The presence of all these artists and creators of first level has allowed to consolidate the excellence and international dimension of this analog event, in which photographers from many countries participate. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary. In these nine years, artists such as  Bruce Gilden, Alberto García-Alix, Cristina García Rodero, Bryan Schutmaat, Castro-Prieto, Denis Dailleux, Vanessa Winship have passed through the festival ...

CUVO Videoart Festival - OPEN CALL 2021

Once again, the itinerant videoart festival, CUVO, launches its call to make a selection of the eight most innovative audiovisual creations at an international level.

Since its outset, CUVO has aimed to give a wide and transversal gaze about the problems of our present through contemporary art.

For this sixth edition we want to ponder about how the idea of paradise has changed in the times we live in. Has it definitely disappeared? Or we can still design new liquid typologies from which to configure a new idea of community.

We are open to receive any type of videocreation, regardless of its technique and genre.

LandLimo Residence

The FotoLimo Cross-Border Festival Photography is promoting a new call for residencies in collaboration with Casa Planas (Center for Artistic Research) and the RUIDO Photo collective, with the support of Eurorégion Pyrénées Méditerranée – AAP Culture.

This call for research residencies is aimed at creators, researchers and cultural producers within contemporary image, photography and post-photography studies to develop and produce an innovative project that reflects on the concept “Borders”.

This residence forms part of the Casa Planas ART INVESTIGATION PROGRAM, in which artistic residencies linked to the Planas Archive are developed to innovatively address memory, heritage and recent history.

New Artist 2020 (1 artist – 2 months)

New Artist 2020

1 artist – 2 months – 1 work exhibited – 3 works in deposit

The red03 Art Gallery invites artists to present 4 works for possible inclusion in the next exhibition:

The gallery offers artists an opportunity to submit individually, on the basis of partnership, and shared responsibility.

The collective exhibition Colectiva 2020  be held in Barcelona from February 22 to  April 19, 2020.


Conditions for participation

The call is open to all visual artists, (2D).

Each author may participate by sending e-mail up to four works of visual art for exhibition at the gallery. (One exhibit and three in deposit, to be hung at any time)


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