Nos corps dessinés


A discipline par excellence in the art world, life modeling opens the door to the study of morphology, proportions, shadows and gestures of the human body. It's also a wonderful way of capturing the image of another person's body.

In this group show from October 2 to 9, the Openbach gallery will be showcasing the full range of techniques and sensibilities used in live model drawing.  Nos corps dessinés' is also an exhibition that pays tribute to both artists and models.

The exhibition will be divided into three areas : a zone dedicated to the genesis of this practice, a space with a selection of framed works, and finally a patchwork of drawings.

International exhibition Art Resilienc

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 10th International Art Resilience Exhibition. The Exhibition will take place from August 17 to September 17 2024. September 17, Video presentation of the works  at the Saint-Frajou Painting Museum, France 

Online registration on the website

Deadline for submission of applications August 10, 2024


1 ° Award 200 euros

2 ° Award 150 euros

Awards for : painting, sculpture, drawing, photography (medal) 

Participation fee

 25 euros for a work, 40 euros for two works

Spring out of tiredness -- collective fatigue

From July 5th to September 5th, 2024, Mémoire de l'Avenir (MDA)/Humanities, Arts and Society (HAS) will bring together about 10 artists from around the world, from all media and forms of expressions, to create a trans-disciplinary collective exhibition that will explore the theme Spring Out of Tiredness -- Collective fatigue as a social, cultural, economic, and political phenomenon in our societies.

Fatigue is not simply an isolated personal feeling. Over the past decades, fatigue has become a subject of research as a social, cultural, and scientific issue.

Face-to-Face: Arles Edition

We're kicking off our new 1:1 feedback sessions at Der Greif during the 2024 edition of Les Rencontres d’Arles in France. Our goal is to provide our community with personalized guidance and constructive critique to enhance your artistic vision and the trajectory of your career. Our team members will be offering free in-person 1:1 feedback sessions during “Der Greif Face-to-Face: Arles Edition” at ParisBerlin Fotohaus in Arles on the morning of Wednesday, July 3. Submit your in progress work to win one of these in-person 1:1 sessions. We will select participants based on who we think could benefit most from meeting with us.

Call for International Art Competition.  Community Art Channel.  Theme: Art for Peace

Call for International Art Competition. 

Community Art Channel. 

Theme: Art for Peace

The theme that we propose in this call for competition, is open to the expression of your creativity through the manifestation of Peace.  Art has the ability to bring communities together, resolve conflict, and encourage peace.

Art has the unique ability to change our perception of people, situations and conflicts, serving as a

means of expression to create a better world.


Painting, drawing, graphic, digital art, photography.

Submission Deadline:  25/08/2024

Winners announcement: 02/09/2024


First prize: Solo virtual exhibition

Second prize: Solo virtual exhibition


Art & Environment Prize

In 2023, Lee Ufan Arles and Maison Guerlain have joined forces to create the Art & Environment Prize, awarded each year to a work of universal scope whose philosophical depth echoes that of Lee Ufan. The link with the environment resonates with the values upheld by the Maison Guerlain. Sharing the same sensitivity to artistic support and transmission, as well as the same commitment to art and the environment, Lee Ufan Arles and Maison Guerlain encourage artistic productions that are resolutely altruistic and responsible, opening up new dialogues with nature. The exhibition by the first winner of the Art & Environment Prize, Djabril Boukhenaïssi À ténèbres, is on show at Lee Ufan Arles' Espace MA from July 1 to September 1, 2024.


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