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Ramdom, an independent organisation focused on art and culture based in Southern Italy, is looking for international partnerships for DEFAULT 19, its upcoming research project.


Ramdom is an organisation devoted to cultural and artistic production and it is based in Gagliano del Capo (LE, Italy). It was founded in 2011 by curator Paolo Mele and artist Luca Coclite with the aim of providing international projection to contemporary art projects produced in dialogue with the local territory of Salento. Over the past seven years activities have included exhibitions, public art productions, residencies and workshops, plus two ongoing research focused endeavours, Investigation of Extreme Lands and DEFAULT. Ramdom’s headquarter, Lastation, is located on the first floor of a still active railway station in Southeast Italy, with facilities including offices, an exhibition space, and a future mediatheque to be launched in the summer of 2019.


DEFAULT, which celebrates its fifth edition this year, is a biennial short-residency project. It was initially conceived to reflect upon the role that public art plays on the politics surrounding urban regeneration, the usage of abandoned spaces, the re-appropriation and interaction with public spaces. After two editions held in Lecce (2011 and 2013) that specifically addressed these themes, in 2015 DEFAULT shifted its focus inaugurating an ongoing research to investigate the notion of Extreme Lands. The change of focus reflected the new backdrop of DEFAULT, which for its third edition moved from Lecce to Gagliano del Capo, located kilometres away from the Southernmost point of the Italian boot’s heel.

For a week (from 18th to 23rd of June 2019) artists and cultural professionals from all over the world gather in Gagliano to bring the research forward together with invited lecturers and experts across various disciplines, taking their own practice and interests as a starting point.

The participants (artists, curators, researchers), are selected through an open call advertised on international channels, are invited to with workshop carried out by lecturers.

The short-residency is not focused on the production of an artistic projects, but on providing participants to share ideas and experiences related to the themes proposed.

The week’s main output will take the form of a publication edited by Ramdom with contributions from all participants. Proposals for artistic projects that may rise from the discussions brought forward during the week, will be taken into consideration for a possible realisation at a later stage.  

The open call for participants will be launched on the 18th of March and will be open until the 20th of April. Participants will be selected by an international jury.

What are we looking for?

Ramdom aims at widening its international relationships, nurturing links with institutional partners and like-minded networks.

What we ask for partners is to cooperate with Ramdom by proposing future developments and collaborative opportunities linked to the Extreme Lands research; to advise on external lecturers that will tutor participants during the upcoming edition of DEFAULT; to support Ramdom in the dissemination of the open call and in the selection of participants.We ask all potential partners interested in a collaboration to apply via the following form by the 15th of March 2019

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Extreme Land




Based at the first floor in the last railway station still active in south-east Italy, Ramdom is an interdisciplinary project that supports experimental educational formats (DEFAULT) and research projects on the topic of the so-called Extreme lands (Investigation of the Extreme Lands).

Experiencing a geographically and anthropologically peculiar place is a fundamental part of the research itself. The Residency is in this sense a fundamental tool to start an autonomous or guided reflection on specific topics.

We are extremely happy to announce that with the new residency plan, the opportunity to reach us and share a path with we will stay open and available the whole year.

Ramdom has always supported the research for artists through projects of various kinds (Default; Investigation of the Extreme Lands) that have have been realized during the years.
From now on the research and residencies plan expands throughout the year and is open to professionals from all disciplines: artists, curators, researchers, writers, anthropologists, philosophers, linguists, architects, urban planners, geographers, professionals of scientific disciplines and hikers.

In addition to Lastation and the use of equipment that already exist, we provide three possible options.

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