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The Leo Baeck Foundation’s arts and culture programme DAGESH. Jüdische Kunst im Kontext (Jewish Art in Context) in cooperation with the global network for Jewish culture, Asylum Arts cordially invite Jewish artists from across Europe and the Americas to participate in a multimedia arts exhibition »TRANSITIONS« that will premier in Berlin on June 30th, 2021.

»TRANSITIONS« seeks to create a new Jewish visibility that transcends borders in a European and transatlantic exchange. Via video and sound art, text composition, and other forms of visual and digital arts, selected artists will showcase their experience and understanding of solidarity and resistance through aesthetics and artistic practice from a shared and yet diverse contemporary Jewish perspective.

The concept of »TRANSITIONS« describes a liminal space, a threshold condition in which society currently finds itself, both socially and politically. A “betwixt and between” state, where the usual order of things is disrupted and new potentials and limits can be challenged and explored. With »TRANSITIONS« we seek to aesthetically explore ways to create newness founded on the very loss and (transgenerational) trauma of the original places. Speaking from a multiplicity of situated Jewish positions, the art pieces in the exhibition will display the artists’ engagement with political events, discourses and movements that impact and mobilise them in their specific context.

In appreciation of elements of otherness as well as forms of commonality, where can art be a means for solidarity and resistance to push for social change?

How can conflicts and generational gaps within Jewish communities be artistically addressed to transition to a paradigm shift?

What political and societal challenges, realities, and possibilities move Jewish artists within their specific geographic and social contexts? How can solidarity with one another and for one another be artistically expressed with other groups and struggles?

The multimedia exhibition will be part of a three-day Festival of Contemporary Jewish Art running under the same theme. The international festival connects artists with one another, encourages coalitions and contributes to shaping a creative, academic, and societal transition through the Art of Resistance (“Wehrhafte Kunst”). »TRANSITIONS« will subsequently exhibit in a number of European countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, Greece, UK, and Austria (dates and places tbd).

Submission deadline is on Tuesday, April 13th 2021 at 12 PM (CET).


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KUNST 2021





KUNST 2021 is our yearly art exhibition of contemporary art in Berlin. It will be the second time that we exhibit in the well known artgallery "Mainoeuvre" situated in the Schoeneberg district. It is one of the most vibrant areas of Berlin characterized by a rich cultural life, with many artgalleries, festivals and a very diverse public. It is well comunicated and besides its cultural charisma it counts with plenty of restaurants, fancy shops and a dynamic nightlife.

Artgallery "Mainoeuvre" counts with an exhibition area of about 90 sqm devided in 4 spaces, which allows us to include as well media like video-art, performance and installation-art.


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open call for Artists Round 50 Jan - March 2022






"PILOTENKUECHE" is an international art program based in Germany's new art capital Leipzig. The independent project is run by artists to support and empower artists and increase the visibilty of foreign perspectives in Leipzig.


The project invites within the “International Residency Program” selected artists from around the world to come and work in the 465m², fully remodeled space for three months, with 24h studio access. Each accepted artist is offered a partial stipend in kind that represents our unpaid working hours. We maintain engagements with several partners and introducing our artists to these, make it possible for participants to cooperate with and exhibit in other venues. Our concept encourages experimental strategies aiming to provide our participants with the experience of accomplishing something collectively. In a group of around twelve international artists together with two local artists participating in our program activities, a stimulating dialogue becomes vital in fostering an independent position in one's work, which leads to a long-term network that exists even after the program is over. 


The Program activities are:

  • studio visits and open studio if the group is interested 
  • contact to the local art scene, 
  • organized museum tours, 
  • scheduled art critiques, 
  • published artists spotlight on each artist
  • professional install and exhibition pictures
  • two group exhibitions in interesting venues.


 The Studio space consists of:


  • one furnished up to 36m² large space per artist in our 465m² large communal loft hall including wifi and all side costs (water, underfloor heating, energy, kitchen, toilet, etc.)
  • desk, little storage space
  • depends on the work of the artists, but two walls to work on
  • large windows 
  • approximately twelve artists per month working in the space 
  • furnished shared tea kitchen with fridge, microwave, hotplate
  • Common area


Participants receive all documentation necessary to apply for funding and the visa process. If required, the project can assist with additional individual reference letters. We’re looking for artists to participate in our program in the 50th round from January – March 2022

TERM:  January – March 2022

DEADLINE: 31.03.21

We are an independent, artist–run residency program with the aim to support artists and connect them to the city in a way that is unique to each artist. For to cover our expenses and to enable us to work, we have to charge a fee for participation.  

costs / participation fee: 

 1900 EUR* / 3 months

we ask participants to transfer a prior payment of 540 EUR per artist to hold the place in the program, due 14 days after receiving the official invitation letter. Refundable by cancellation (3 months before the residency starts)

The remaining 1360€ for participating in the program is due 28 days before the program starts. The fee covers the studio & the participation costs,

travel costs, art materials & living accommodation are additional. The project offers one shared apartment which hosts two artists. 

*The fee includes the partial-stipend in kind of 1400,00 EUR from “PILOTENKUECHE”, which represents our unpaid working hours. This directly subsidizes the full program fee of 3300,00 EUR.

Living costs and accommodation are additional. The project offers one shared apartment which hosts two artists. 



Participating artists are expected to participate in the program objectives, contribute to a collective enterprise, and be open to working with others.

We organize two exhibitions in interesting venues, which are non-obligatory, but they increase the artist's visibility, would be sad not to take advantage of it. 


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DAILE GALERIE is now inviting visual expressionist artists working with paint on canvas, mixed media on canvas, or fine art paper to consider for our second virtual exhibition of the year, based on expressionism. The exhibition will be curated by Adila Ben and Rodshir Dailë. We are open to all subject matter and points of inspiration.

Expressionism is a modernist movement, initially in poetry and painting, originating in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. Its typical trait is to present the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas. Expressionism is a complex and vast term that has meant different things at different times. The term is so elastic that it can accommodate artists ranging from Vincent van Gogh to Egon Schiele and Wassily Kandinsky.

Dailë Galerie is a progressive contemporary + modern art gallery, and project space, envisioned by artist and art director Rodshir Daile. The collective specializes in physical and digital immersive exhibition experiences. Curating exhibitions and special projects from various art collectives, and international artists. Dailë Galerie pledged to donate percentages from sales of our artist’s collections and the GALE®IE store to local and global charities. 

EXHIBITION DATES | July 3 - September 3, 2021

SUBMISSION DEADLINE | Sunday, May 16, 2021

SCOPE OF SUBMISSION | The expressionism exhibition will consist of the works by 2 selected artists.

The works will be curated and exhibited in the online gallery space of Dailë Galerie. The exhibition will be curated by Adila Ben and Rodshir Dailë. Information pertaining to the exhibition will be corresponded to press outlets, writers, and critics by our Public Relations team. All participating artists will be promoted on all of our social media channels and will be highlighted in the exhibition catalog.

Please include a short statement describing your work and include an artist bio. There is no limit on the size, year of production, or nationality, but the submitted works should respond to the exhibition theme.


Artists retain the sole copyright for the images; submitted images can be available for public viewing on our website and social media, including in relation to promotional activities for the exhibition; All works/images will be credited with their artist name.


€30 up to 6 works; Submission fees are non-refundable. (via PayPal)



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
€30 (for 3-6 works)
Contact & Links: 






ZK/U Berlin hosts a multidisciplinary residency program, offering a living and working space for practitioners of all kinds (artists, researchers, activists, professionals of various fields) whose work or approach explores the dynamics and experiences of the city. The residency program welcomes applications with proposal framed as:

-a conceptual, contextual and interventionist contemporary artistic position. 

-research or experimentation in the  fields of urbanism, geography, anthropology, architecture and the humanities.

ZK/U Berlin is a space for urban experimentation. The common theme and interests that link the work of ZK/U residents allow mutual learning, spontaneous collaborations and exchanges to emerge, enriched by the diversity of disciplines and profiles of the residents. During their stay, residents are encouraged to involve themselves with ZK/U’s cultural program and to propose their own formats.

Within the frame of this Open Call, applicants are encouraged to formulate their project proposals with the conceptual discourses of ZK/U in mind. 

COVID-19: The ZK/U residency has stayed open throughout the pandemic and was able to constantly adapt to the changing situation and regulations. However, bringing non-EU-based future residents into the EU has been quite difficult and will likely remain so as long as border restrictions are not relaxed or lifted. In all cases, the ZK/U team will do everything possible to ensure a safe stay at the residency.


Full Open Call:

Residency Program & Space: 

Conceptual discourses:


Application Form:




If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website, kindly send an email to: apply​



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GRRL HAUS CINEMA - Call for Entries





GRRL HAUS CINEMA is an ongoing program of short films and video art made by women, non-binary, genderqueer, and trans people. A mix of local, national, and international artists present work from a variety of disciplines: narrative, documentary, experimental, and conceptual. With an emphasis on low budget and DIY, GRRL HAUS is a space for underrepresented voices in the arts today.

For 2021 our main screenings will be held in July at two outdoor film events taking place in Berlin Germany.

In addition all submissions will be considered for our monthly curated online screenings, which includes interviews with the filmmakers.

GRRL HAUS is not your typical film festival, instead of having one big event - we have multiple events throughout the year. Our goal is to show as many quality short films made by women, non-binary, genderqueer, and trans people to an international audience.

We completely celebrate DIY culture and focus on sharing works to all different types of audiences. This can include audiences at international museums or to audiences at underground clubs. We believe that every audience deserves the chance to see these works, rather than just the typical film festival networking crowd. We want to reach all audiences and celebrate the inclusivity of creative and unique work in film.

To submit to our Summer 2021 screenings - please visit :

GRRL HAUS started in 2014 at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA, USA. Since then the event has showcased over 400 filmmakers, including multiple musical performances, video art installations, exhibitions and local vendors. In 2016 GRRL HAUS relocated to Berlin Germany and started hosting small screenings of local films. As we established are identity in Berlin we began to include music and arts.

Within the past few years we have grown to not just showcase films, but also art, music, dance, photography, handmade crafts and clothing, and even tarot, astrology and spiritual meet ups. The idea of GRRL HAUS is constantly expanding. We believe in no boundaries for creativity and are constantly looking for new ways to celebrate the work of underrepresented people.

For our complete history of screenings, events, exhibitions, concerts and parties - you can view all our teasers and selected artists on our Media page :

International Screenings: 
Our international screenings are curated from our over 400 yearly submissions. Through these submissions we select our favorite short films. This includes our end of the year festival screening at the Brattle Theatre and museum screenings at the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.

Mobile Kino Screenings: 
We hold 3-4 screenings through Mobile Kino Berlin a year. These screenings we curate around the best of our local short film submissions and a selection of international short films. We invite the filmmakers to Q&A’s following the screenings, where they discus their works.

Loophole Monthly Screenings: 
Once a month GRRL HAUS hosts screenings at Loophole Berlin. These events focus on sharing local films by local filmmakers. All of these screenings are free to enter and enjoy. We believe it’s important to keep some events free for the public. 
These events build up our sense of local community and follows through with one of our founding principles : sharing our excitement and love for low budget, DIY events and making them accessible to everyone.

Online Screenings / Gimme 5: 
At GRRL HAUS CINEMA we were forced to cancel all our events during this Corona season, and every artist on our program list was left without a show venue. Energized and in defiance of the virus, we wanted now more than ever to keep going. We want the artists to keep going. We want to encourage them to stay active, to create, and most importantly to show their work. We want to reverse the status quo of art being left behind in times of crisis when it is needed most.

For past year (and into the future) we have been running online screenings, which we have been curating and presenting live on our online platform. We have been hosting these themed screenings on our website and Vimeo, as well as promoting all the films on our social media platforms. We host 10-15 short films on our site for a week. And then we remove them and continue hosting other themed sets.

Through these screenings our audiences are able to watch amazing short films in the comfort and safety of their home. All of the online screenings are free to watch, so they are accessible to anyone in these uncertain times.


Past and Current partners, venues, curation teams and organizations: 
Alamo Drafthouse 
Brain Arts 
Boston Hassle 
Brattle Theatre 
​Das Giftraum 
Dorchester Art Project 
DMP Sci-Fi Sleepover at Babylon Kino 
GIF - Girls in Film 
Institute of Contemporary Art Boston 
​Love Hotel 
Mobile Kino 
RAW Berlin 
Worm Rotterdam 
Under the Underground


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Contact & Links: 


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