SNEHTA OPEN CALL - ARTISTS 2019 - 2020 (Ongoing)





Snehta wants to open its doors to twelve (12) contemporary art practitioners to live and work in Athens for two months during the winter, spring and summer periods in 2019 and 2020: *There are four subsequent deadlines for each residency period.

October - November (Deadline 17th June 2019 12:00 pm)

January - February (Deadline 17th September 2019, 12:00 pm)

March - April (Deadline 17th November 2019, 12:00 pm)
May - June (Deadline 17th January 2020, 12:00 pm)

An established Athens-based curator will work with each artist throughout their stay and support their research and the realisation of their exhibition.

Snehta is supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund (Greece). Additionally for the first time the program will join forces with Onassis Air residency program in Athens. The two programs will share their resources such as work-spaces, equipment, as well as program specific activities (workshops, talks, screenings, and other public events). The goal is to create a common community of peers between the two programs. Also, more thematic and contextual activities will include a joint collaboration of both program with the Athens School of Fine Art, co-curation of the 2nd episode of the Expanded Publishing Workshop Series, as well as other joint actions and experiments.



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SIILK GALLERY C4E - Online, Exhibition & Residency

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We're launching a new photography gallery in Athens Greece as well as an online publication

Online - We're taking submissions for photographers to feature online - please send us a Bio about yourself and your work along with a selection of 8/10 images that you feel represent you as an artists.

Exhibition - We have space throughout 2019 for photographer to showcase their works with us. There is a hanging fee of €200 for 2.5m x 2.5m wall space, a month long exhibition with opening/preview event, works in our online shop and a feature on the website and social medias. We take 0% commision on works sold.

We will also have a month-long residency program running with accommodation in the gallery. 1 month accomodation followed by a month long exhibition. This is priced at €500, all inclusive.

Get in touch if you are interested in sending us through your work. all styles, mediums, and formats welcome.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Exhibiting consists of 2mx2m wall space, residency includes exhibition and accommodation. Contact us for more info.
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 The World is a Hologram

Dating back to antiquity, theories which want us living in a hologram, apart from science fiction can also be endorsed by scientific data. Those who believe in the holographic theory of the universe, support that everything we know in our world are three dimensional depictions of data, stored in a two-dimensional form somewhere at the edge of our universe. This automatically means that we are all closely bonded with everything around us, as part of one large unity where the present, past, and future coexist simultaneously.

Anything that ever existed, anything that exists, and all that will exist, merged in one unity…

The hologram is often described as a three-dimensional depiction, consisted of two light rays (e.g.laser) while in order to properly work it must be also lighted by a third one. A fundamental feature of holograms is that all data are circulated through the whole, meaning that even if cut in two, still each piece will maintain all information intact. In this case, we will get two identical but complete smaller holograms, proving that this segregation is only fictive.

The scientific community, have found itself in front of a predicament while discovering that whatever gets pass the event horizon of a black hole, as it can never leave, gets lost forever when the hole gets disembodied by Hawking Radiation. As a solution, mathematics was able to prove that when data gets pass an event horizon, they also get imprinted on its very surface, allowing them to escape and thus be maintained. This theory was named holographic principle and was considered eligible to be deducted on a universal level, arguing that the whole universe is the hologram reflection of two-dimensional data stored in its very borders.

Later experiments, have proven that some subatomic particles under specific circumstances have the ability to communicate with each other instantaneously despite their distance, thus have given to the universe another credence of a hologram. Extending this research, scientists extracted that even the brain works in similar mechanics as memory is not stored in a sole neuron but through the schemes and patterns that the neural stimuli follow while extending throughout the whole brain.

Within the neurons of cosmic memory time does not exist, only ideas…

This kind of theories about the world can be traced back to antiquity. In Plato for example, and his “theory of forms” he tried to institute that ideas and forms exist somewhere independently out of the visible world, and we are only able to know and perceive their reflections. Additionally, Socrates speaks of the “allegory of the cave”, describes the reality we understand, as the shadows of the real things, which are projected in front of us like a movie because of a fire that burns between them and us. Chained in the cave, and being able only to look in front of us, we have no perception of what takes places behind us, thinking that the whole world is only what we can understand with our senses. Hence is up to this one person who is letting himself free from the chains, the philosopher by Socrates, or in our case the artistic work to awake the rest of the world and lead them out of the cave, in the light and real knowledge.

Using this stimulus, the International Festival of Digital Arts in Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival is addressing an open call for its 15th and anniversary edition towards all artistic and scientific community. Artworks from the past, present, and future coming from the worlds of art science and technology are asked to co-exist in a festivity of digital culture, showing how everything is connected to each other like pieces of one undivided whole, while anything we perceive through our senses is nothing more than depictions of our ideas.

Anything one can imagine can become reality, hence options are infinite…

Extended Deadline 30.1.2019

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In Progress Feedback Festival 2019

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The In Progress Feedback Festival (IPFF), the festival that has become a tradition and institution at Kinitiras, is celebrating its 10 years of existence this year and will take place between the 29/03/2019 and 01/04/2019 in Athens.
We are celebrating the anniversary edition of the first festival in Greece that focuses on the creative process and the relationship between the creator and her/his audience instead of being product focused.

In 2016 the In progress Feedback Festival was included amongst the best festivals in Europe by the EFFE International Jury (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe,

The main aim of the In Progress Feedback Festival is research, experimentation and the ways through which the in progress pieces are affected. The uniqueness of the IPFF is located in its two very crucial functions:
the development of the work and feedback on it. Functions that demand special sensitivity, courage and update of our knowledge.

For the anniversary of the 10 years of the IPFF, apart from the contesting groups-who are selected following application-we will invite artists that passed by the festival the past years to present part of their creative process, conduct a residency, offer workshops and mentoring to the contesting artists as well as be part of the jury.
Reknown artists but also recently established groups from the area of the performing arts will share outlines from their work and will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other creators (mentoring). Trying out various approaches without the pressure of the production of a final outcome and getting in direct touch with the spectators through interactive discussions, questionnaires and other imaginative ways of idea-exhanging, the participants receive the feedback that will lead them to a complete performance in the future.

This year’s thematic umbrella for all of Kinitiras’ activities is THE JOURNEY. The notion of a journey both litterally and metaphorically. The journey in life, in space, in time, in the body, in the mind, in dreams, in litterature, in the streets, in civilisations.The suggested works will somehow be connected to this particular topic and their approach will express the journey that they choose to explore.

The piece that will win the jury’s award will receive a symbolic amount as a support for the upcoming production, while the group that will receice the audience’s award will receive a month’s residency for the completion of its research.

The existence of a festival such as the In Progress Feedback Festival (IPFF) provides the opportunity to the society, its creators and the people that support it to coexist, to influence each other and develop with freedom and respect towards difference. It is also an important breeding ground for expression, mutual support and inspiration through research and the performing arts.

Theatre and dance groups can participate in this competitive festival with projects of 10′-20′ that are still in progress. The on stage artists should be from one to four and props cannot be bigger than 1m x 1m.

Kinitiras will offer to the selected groups*:
– Promotion / Advertising
– Technical assistance
– Two indoor rehearsals in each group
– Mentoring during rehearsals if requested.

Applications’ deadline: 28/12/2018
You can fill in the application here.

*Travel expenses and accommodation are covered by the artists.

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SNEHTA SCULPTURE SCHOOL – The Readymade in Sculpture by Nana Sachini





Alongside its residency programme Snehta inaugurates SCULPTURE SCHOOL – offering professional mentoring and technical knowledge to emerging artists who want to excel in sculptural practice.

Each Unit runs under the wings of an established Athens based artist who proposes a specific sculptural theme.


“The Readymade in Sculpture” – invited artist: Nana Sachini 14/01/2019 – 04/03/2019 (2 months).

Students cultivate their own methodology in using and collecting different kinds of materials and objects by examining thoroughly the approach of other artists and through working on personal projects. The course includes exercises which examine the use of materials and tools through a broader conceptual spectrum employing the ‘readymade’ and stressing its particular important role in contemporary art. The lessons consist of individual exercises – tasks and also programmed visits to exhibitions and places of special artistic interest.


The programme includes.

Shared studio open access for the duration of two months (Snehta Satellite)

•Four-hour weekly meetings with the programme facilitator

•Scheduled meetings with the invited artist

•Access to a wood workshop & casting facilities

•Participation in a group show at Snehta residency

•Conjoined events with international art residents

•Certificate of attendance

the courses are taught in Greek with the possibility of parallel translation in English.


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Snehta Open Call - Artists Winter - Spring 2019





Snehta wants to open its doors to twelve (12) contemporary art 
practitioners to live and work in Athens. Each residency block consisting of four artists will expand within the period of two months.

Residency blocks:

March - April
May - June

An Athens-based curator will work with each artist throughout their stay and support their research and the realisation of their exhibition. They will aim to knit a tight collaboration between the artists, themselves and the local scene and work towards an idea or concept which will result in an exhibition. The Snehta team will coordinate and monitor this collaboration throughout 

The application deadline is the 28th October 2018.

Guidelines and the application form can be found at:

The Snehta team introduces artists to the city of Athens and its activities and it coordinates and monitors the collaboration throughout. 

With the support of Outset Contemporary Art Fund (Greece)

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