Green Bay

A Year in Review: Call for Art

The Art Garage, located in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin, is seeking submissions for upcoming exhibition, A Year in Review, an art exhibition featuring works inspired by or made in the year 2021. Submissions will close on Thursday, November 11, 2021! Join us as we begin a new side gallery tradition, reflecting on the previous year through art! The First Annual: A Year in Review exhibition will feature work inspired by or created in the year 2021.

Fifteen Years

The Art Garage, located in downtown Green Bay, is seeking submissions for their upcoming exhibition, Fifteen Years, celebrating t heir 15th year anniversary. Submissions will close on Thursday, September 16, 2021. Since 2006 the Art Garage has provided a unique venue for the public to enjoy and support local artists and has been a place for local artists of all skill levels and mediums to share their work. Fifteen Years is an open themed art exhibition celebrating 15 years of connecting creativity and community.

My Voice, My Truth

My Voice, My Truth: Celebrating Queer Art & LGBTQ+ Artists
Sponsored by Positive Voice

Thursday, June 3 THROUGH Sunday, July 25

My Voice, My Truth features artwork focused on—and created by—members of the LGBTQ community. Over the years, queer art has a long and tangled history of censorship. This pride month, we hear the voices and truth of the LGBTQ+ artists in our community to commemorate the contributions that they have made.


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