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ArtVenturists wanted

We’re looking for visionaries. Artists. Makers. Explorers of the miraculously phenomenal.  The ones who push the boundaries, who enlarge our space with new ideas, expand our sense of what is possible. 

A fresh perspective from the American West

Brighter skies. Wider horizons. Clear thinking. Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. On the edge of the continent, we invite you to expand the frontier of the art world. Forty minutes south of San Francisco, our studio is located along the ocean in Half Moon Bay.​

During your residency, you’ll have the ability to create art surrounded by rugged coastline and mountains. Work with passion and purpose. Engage with other participating artists. Collaborate, converse, build relationships, and be open to possibility.


Following your residency you have the opportunity to curate your own show at Art Ventures gallery in Menlo Park, CA. Centered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Menlo Park is home to Facebook, Apple, Google, Tesla, and many more. You won’t find skyscrapers here. Instead this low-rise landscape houses a mash up of startups, tech visionaries and entrepreneurs eager for the next new thing.

Use the Art Ventures gallery space as you see fit. Hang your work, build an environment, set up an installation, find your audience, and connect.

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