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Landscapes "Country & Urban"






Landscapes "Country & Urban"

Landscape depictions of natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests.

Urban landscape interaction between human and its environment.

BROUHAHAART is now accepting submissions for our Virtual Exhibition ‘Landscapes ‘Country & Urban’

Any artist from any background can submit any of their work.

There is no charge to submit your application, please feel free to share your work with us.

[A small fee (£26) is applied per artist once they have been selected for the exhibition].

The team will review all applications and the selected works will be announced.

DEADLINE for submissions: 11th May 2022

EXHIBITION DATES: 18th - 25th May 2022

Please email all the following information to brouhaha.vr@gmail.com and quote ‘Country & Urban’ on the subject of your email.

If selected, you will receive an Invoice requesting online payment for submission fee. Per artist, not per artwork.

‘Country & Urban’ is a 3D Virtual reality Art exhibition, so we do not need physical works of art.

Artists are also free to sell their works, we take 0% commission, and any sale inquiries will be directed back to the artists.

Prize summary: 
Solo virtual exhibition
Prizes Details: 

1st Prize - Solo virtual exhibition [up to 20 artworks]

2nd Prize - Solo virtual exhibition [up to 15 artworks]

Competition results posted on BROUHAHA and promoted to our wide-spread social media.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
• £26
Contact & Links: 

[With CERT] Digital Student-curator Program







The A R T • 9 藝術點搞 is the first Hong Kong based and non-profit virtual art space established by university students. The art space is less focused on professional artistic practice from the students as participants, instead, we encourage artistic sharing and creative collaboration as peer learning opportunities whether it could be theoretical learning or practical application. We believe the commitments in providing educational support and artistic knowledge-exchange for student-artists and student-designers and establishing partnerships with different institutions contribute to the goal of growing confidence in making and sharing artistic practice as a student-artist and student-designer.


We are currently accepting applications for student-curator (6-Month / 12-Month volunteer program) [WITH CERT!!]. You will be a part of our curatorial and editorial committee, as you help us to develop concepts, execute digital marketing and communications campaigns, assist virtual exhibitions and publications.

Contact & Links: 

Open Call for Artists, Curators & Researchers Trio





1a space is pleased to announce an open call for trio group(s) composed of an artist, a curator and a researcher to participate in the Mid-Career Artist Exhibition & Publication Series. In response to the shortage of mid-career retrospectives in Hong Kong and the need of documenting and researching the local art ecology, we aim to initiate a long-term commitment to a series of comprehensive solo exhibitions and high-quality publications dedicated to mid-career artists. Through demonstrating an artist’s creative process in a thorough and inclusive manner to the general public, the project serves to acknowledge and encourage prolonged artistic practices. In addition, by facilitating dynamic collaborations between leading Hong Kong artists, curators, and researchers, we hope to invite reflections upon different roles and possibilities in exhibition-making.

We seek to support a trio consisted of an artist, a curator, and a researcher, to realise a solo exhibition at the 1a space gallery in early 2022, coupled with an artist monograph publication. Pairing a deserving curatorial talent with a mid-career artist, the survey exhibition is expected to make visible the progression of an artist’s journey, demonstrating how an artist reflects, reconfigures and rejects idea. The project also sees curatorial research as a core component in tandem with exhibition planning. We intend to develop cohesive and well-contextualized retrospectives that fill in the gap between larger public institutions and commercial galleries. In accompany with the exhibition, public programmes such as artist talks and guided tours will be organized, inviting the local community to interact with the artist, curator and researcher, and to expand related discussions.

To further anchor the exhibition in the wider local art discourse, the selected researcher will be responsible to conduct research and produce essay(s) focused on the artist. The publication shall include, but is not limited to, introductory essay(s), biographical information on the artist, analyses of works of art, artwork illustrations and installation images of the exhibition. While the exhibition and related programmes are temporal events, the academic monograph produced will continue to contribute to the research of local art as a helpful and permanent resource.


Successful applicants will receive:

- Administration and venue support

- Publication support (including book designing, artwork and exhibition photography support, ISBN registration, collecting and sorting out cataloguing details, etc.)

- Production fee for each participating artist, curator and researcher

- Press materials and PR support



- Applicants must be living and working in Hong Kong, or Hong Kong artists/curators/researchers living and working abroad. Please note that the project will not be able to cover travelling and accommodation costs for successful applicants coming from abroad.

- We acknowledge that the careers of artists, curators and researchers progress in various ways. Thus, we broadly define the eligibility of each role through listing different milestones. Interested parties should show in the application that they have reached most of the milestones below or should demonstrate their accomplishment of other experiences that they see equivalent.

o The open call is aimed at mid-career artists with at least 10 years of experience working as artists; participation in solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally; participation in local or international residencies; and an accumulated sizable quantity of works that showcases a linear development of the artist’s style and creative language.

o We are looking for curators who has actively engaged in curatorial practices locally or internationally in the recent 10 years.

o Applying researchers should have previous professional publishing experiences, or should possess relevant academic qualifications.

Application guidelines:

- Interested trios consisted of an artist, a curator and a researcher should submit ONE shared application pack. The pack should be in PDF format, and should include the following items in no more than 20 pages:

1. CV of the artist – Please note that the list of exhibitions should include maximum 10 selected items from 2016 onwards.

2. Artist’s portfolio - With images and captions of selected artworks and exhibitions

3. CV of the curator

4. CV of the researcher

5. A shared application statement – The statement should explain how your participation in the project can benefit your current states of career, and how your group visualize the upcoming collaboration. Some related questions include why this particular trio was formed, and how the trio can offer a comprehensive review on the artist’s career and deepen the understanding of the Hong Kong art scene.

6. Curator’s portfolio – with at least 2 exhibitions

7. Researcher’s writing sample – with at least 2 writing samples

- Considering the limited number of pages, applicants are encouraged to include website links in replacement of long texts.

- Each applicant can be involved in one application only.

- One representative of the trio shall submit the application pack via email to info@oneaspace.org.hk (Subject: Application for Mid-Career Artist Exhibition & Publication Series) on or before 7pm on 28 November 2021 (Sunday) .


Selection Process:

Submissions will be evaluated by a committee that includes representatives and the curatorial panel of 1a space. Applications will be evaluated based on the applicants’ artistic and academic merit, and the exhibition’s benefit to the applicants’ development. Results of the open call will be announced in late December 2021.

For more information, please visit our website: https://www.oneaspace.org.hk/announcement

If you have any enquiry, please email to: info@oneaspace.org.hk


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Hong Kong | Open call for art | Virtual exhibition






【Theme: Metaphysical Ging Zik 形上驚蟄】

The A R T • 9 is pleased to announce an open call for art opportunity for the coming online juried art exhibition in mid April, “Metaphysical Ging Zik 形上驚蟄”. The exhibition will focus on the negative side of humanity and morality in our modern life.

“Ging Zik” is a Cantonese term which refers to the insects that are awakened from winter sleep and the soil, and it serves as a symbol of the start of the first season in a year. The curatorial committee favours any works that can explore and respond to the rise of the darkness and toxicity from human nature, modern humanity and morality with a metaphysical approach.

For more information about the cultural context, you could start searching with just these keywords on the internet:

驚蟄 香港 | Ging Zik | Jingzhe | The Waking of Insects

【Important Dates】
Submission Deadline: 22/03/2021, 23:59 (UTC +8, HKT)
Announcement of Selected Artists: 29/03/2021
Proposed Exhibition Dates: 19/04/2021 - 23/05/2021

A R T • 9 is seeking your highest quality work in all media including but not limited to, drawing, painting, sculpture, video, mixed media and photography. However, applicants must be a current student in a higher institution for an Undergraduate Degree program in a relevant discipline with a strong connection in creative art. No restriction for nationality.

Text-version for circulation: https://bit.ly/37z3AuO





Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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​Group On-Line Exhibition:


"Covid Era Masterpieces", (emerging and mid-career artists) exhibition period: 

25 March 2021 - 23 April

Deadline: 4 MARCH 2021


You can APPLY for our Open Calls by sending us your introduction letter, CV and 5 - 10 photos of your work to lafeniceart@yandex.com.


Opened to mid-career and emerging artists. In Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Mixed Media, Digital Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, Textiles, Video, Performance, Sound, Writing.


This is an opportunity for all those artists who are already international artists or for all those who have the ambition to work internationally-globally or have a wish to exhibit and create in the booming parts of Asia...

"Covid Era Masterpieces", (emerging and mid-career artists) exhibition period: 


THEME: Your best biggest masterpieces you created during  this Covid Era time.

Categories: Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Mixed Media, Digital Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, Textiles.

We look for the artists who work alone without assistants, who's work has intimacy, that we can feel the person behind it, the touch and the closeness, someone's hand, that individual touch. As communication now days is all on the phone and the Internet, we want to reach out for something more personal.


We will give priority to woman artists with at least B.A. Fine Art Degree who had a solid track record of working hard and exhibiting over the years. Who's work is in important collections and who show that they are here to stay.

We will also give priority to women artists that belong to more than one culture due to parents, birth, migration, travel...


Everybody can apply. If selected, there are some exhibition fees, listed below that you will be asked to pay in the 3 days after our positive answer. If your works are sold, the fees will be returned to you. In the opposite case we will donate them to charity, governmental art institutions in Asia that we support. Preference will be given to those works that are bigger in size, more valuable and numerous.

-up to 100 x 100 cm 29 Euros for first work, 25 Euros for second work, 19 Euros for third work, 10 Euros for the 4th and 5th work.

-up to 150 x 150 cm 39 Euros for first work, 35 Euros for second work, 25 Euros for third work, 10 Euros for the 4th and 5th work.

-above 150 x 150 cm 49 Euros for first work, 45 Euros for second work, 29 Euros for third work, 15 Euros for the 4th and 5th work.

We will do an extensive global promotion of your exhibition on our web site, social media and YouTube, offering your works to a huge global audience and will still be selling your exhibition on our site until 3 months after your exhibition is over (negotiable).


We will make a catalog of your exhibition that will sell on Blurb.com. The catalog will outlive the exhibition.

We ask 20% commission from our sold works.

You don't need to send us your artwork to Hong Kong. You can keep them at home. When they sell, we will send you the courier to pick them up. You will only need to pack them well. You will be paid 30 days after the collector receives your work.

Application fee is 15 Euros. Please, use our email lafeniceart@yandex.com for payments with PayPal.  The fee will be donated to Charities that promote Art in South East Asia.



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
15 EUR only after selected
Contact & Links: 

Art Future- In search for future talents in Contemporary Arts ── Part 1: Open Call for Artist/Curator (local talents)





In response to the unprecedented challenges and its impact, Art Future invites young and emerging art talents to submit innovative project idea highlighting the possibilities and imagination of the future for the art circle, humanity and beyond. The project empowers selected curators and artists to realize their concept into physical events with an online showcase.

Art Future encourages young and emerging local and international talents in the contemporary art field with curatorial guidance, training and advice to help actualize their artistic project. To enhance regional and international idea exchange and dialogues, the project will be divided into two parts to engage with talents locally and internationally. Projects that take innovative curatorial approaches and experimental formats will be encouraged.

The current situation has set the stage for an shift toward the online and digital solutions. Art Future is highlighting the variety of programme that make possible within the online format and its potential to innovative programme structure. Applicant should consider a possible plan to conduct and curate the project at a distance and remotely through online channels.

Selected artist/curator will receive:
• Professional advice, curatorial comments and instructions by 1a space's curatorial panel members
• Administrative support in constructing and implementing an exhibition plan
• Exhibition opportunity at 1a space gallery
• Production fee of the exhibition/exhibit artworks
• Promotion of the exhibition on 1a space’s audience and media networks


Part 1: Open Call for Artist/Curator (local talents) 

Submission deadline:6-9-2020
Exhibition period: Oct 2020 (includes an online virtual exhibtion produced by 1a space) 

Submission Requirements:
• An exhibtion proposal on the theme “ Future” with at least 1 participatory-based public programming
• Individuals who have recently completed an art course/formal training in the arts within 5 year
• Expectation and objective for joining the project
• A no more than 10-page artist CV and portfolio with images of his/her previous artworks
• With the commitment in launching professional career in the arts
• Priority will be given to applicants without solo exhibition experience

To apply, please send us the required documents (in English) via e-mail to: info@oneaspace.org.hk or by post at Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

For more information, please visit our website: http://www.oneaspace.org.hk

If you have any questions, please write to: info@oneaspace.org.hk

Part 2: Open Call for Artist/Curator (international) 
**Further details will be announced soon.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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