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[With CERT] Digital Student-curator Program


The A R T • 9 藝術點搞 is the first Hong Kong based and non-profit virtual art space established by university students. The art space is less focused on professional artistic practice from the students as participants, instead, we encourage artistic sharing and creative collaboration as peer learning opportunities whether it could be theoretical learning or practical application. We believe the commitments in providing educational support and artistic knowledge-exchange for student-artists and student-designers and establishing partnerships with different institutions contribute to the goal of growing confidence in making and sharing artistic practice as a student-artist and student-designer.


Open Call for Artists, Curators & Researchers Trio

1a space is pleased to announce an open call for trio group(s) composed of an artist, a curator and a researcher to participate in the Mid-Career Artist Exhibition & Publication Series. In response to the shortage of mid-career retrospectives in Hong Kong and the need of documenting and researching the local art ecology, we aim to initiate a long-term commitment to a series of comprehensive solo exhibitions and high-quality publications dedicated to mid-career artists. Through demonstrating an artist’s creative process in a thorough and inclusive manner to the general public, the project serves to acknowledge and encourage prolonged artistic practices.

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【Theme: Metaphysical Ging Zik 形上驚蟄】

The A R T • 9 is pleased to announce an open call for art opportunity for the coming online juried art exhibition in mid April, “Metaphysical Ging Zik 形上驚蟄”. The exhibition will focus on the negative side of humanity and morality in our modern life.

“Ging Zik” is a Cantonese term which refers to the insects that are awakened from winter sleep and the soil, and it serves as a symbol of the start of the first season in a year. The curatorial committee favours any works that can explore and respond to the rise of the darkness and toxicity from human nature, modern humanity and morality with a metaphysical approach.



​Group On-Line Exhibition:


"Covid Era Masterpieces", (emerging and mid-career artists) exhibition period: 

25 March 2021 - 23 April

Deadline: 4 MARCH 2021


You can APPLY for our Open Calls by sending us your introduction letter, CV and 5 - 10 photos of your work to lafeniceart@yandex.com.


Opened to mid-career and emerging artists. In Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Mixed Media, Digital Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, Textiles, Video, Performance, Sound, Writing.


Art Future- In search for future talents in Contemporary Arts ── Part 1: Open Call for Artist/Curator (local talents)

In response to the unprecedented challenges and its impact, Art Future invites young and emerging art talents to submit innovative project idea highlighting the possibilities and imagination of the future for the art circle, humanity and beyond. The project empowers selected curators and artists to realize their concept into physical events with an online showcase.





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