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TRACTOR RESIDENCY - last minute call for July 2019



Due to unforseen circumstances we now have one last minute opening for the July TRACTOR programme; thus we offer -30% discount on the residency fee

TRACTOR programme is for all those creative minds who either wish to change their environment for a couple of weeks and find inspiration in a new surrounding or simple need undisturbed time to develop or finish up a body of work.

This self-directed creative programme offers you the luxury of time and the needed freedom to perform a new body of work, research innovative ideas or just experiment with different techniques or modes of production.

Test” your ideas within a larger frame than your own studio, research, share skills, and knowledge, interact or collaborate in a vibrant multidisciplinary environment free from constraint, harshness or formality.

Exhibit and/or share your practice within an artists’ talk.

This call is for July 2019, for a two, three or four weeks period with a 30% discount on the residency fee. For more info, facilities, work options  and the application form visit our web page:

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DECENTRALIZE! - exhibition series and residency




We would like to invite artists from all over the world to share their unique viewpoints, and add more diverse voices to the local art scenes of smaller towns in Hungary.

The program starts with a series of residencies and exhibitions in Zalaegerszeg, and continues next year when a selection of artworks from this period will be included in a print publication and a travelling exhibition at independent smaller galleries in a number of Hungarian cities. A closing exhibition is planned to take place in Budapest.

All disciplines are welcome, however the end result of your project should be something that can be presented at an exhibition event. During the residency we will help you gathering materials, setting up the installation and organizing the public events. (open studio, meet the artists and of course an exhibition opening). We will also provide opportunities to meet other resident and local artists during your stay.

Duration of residency: The standard residency period is two weeks, but longer periods can be negotiated.

Accommodation: In a two bedroom flat near the city centre and the studio.

Studio/ workspace: A shared studio/exhibition space for two artists per residency period.

Residency fee: The residency fee is 320 Euros per person for the residency period of two weeks. 

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MiXER 2019 - collaboration based residency - LAST MINUTE CALL




Are you looking for excitement?
Can you bear a little culture shock to shake up your art/life-style?
Would you like to expand your existing creative practice?
Do you have enough courage to work collaboratively?

Due to a cancelation, we have a place open for MiXER 2019 project.

MiXER is a cross-disciplinary collaboration experiment or as we call it "a playground" where artists from diverse art disciplines and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to engage, share methodologies and inspire each other. With the task of working in pairs artists are given the opportunity to regenerate their creative dynamism, exchange and develop new ideas; experiment with no fear of failure and thus assess their own artistic processes – learning valuable insights from

To foster creative boldness, risk and experimentation.

MiXER urges dialogue and interchange, and should be seen as an opportunity to try out different types of working processes. With a focus on experimental research and discussion we hope to stimulate interaction in the working manner of creative thinkers and art professionals, which may have an inter-disciplinary character.

MiXER is an independent and flexible three-week programme with a structured outcome. The selected artists from diverse artistic disciplines are paired up to work collaboratively on a new body of work. Furthermore their task is to assemble an ARTISTS’ BOOK covering the leading aspects of their collaboration.

The residency ends with a PUBLIC PRESENTATION of the completed project.
The designed ARTIST’S BOOK is published as a limited edition artefact (all copies remain to the artists for reference).


Each residency period starts with a so called MEET & GREET evening, where the participating artists will be asked to share their work, their process and their vision with the peer group and the interested public.

Thursday evening we open the studio for a so called CRTITIQUE EVENING // an opportunity for artists to present their ongoing / in progress / work and get a firs handed respond  from the public as well as art professionals.


MiXER 2019 FEE
720,00 € (seven hundred twenty Euros)
: for details on what is included & terms and conditions visit our web page

We are looking for cultural as well as artistic diversity thus we are encouraging applications from artists representing the widest possible range of perspectives and demographics. Creative individuals in all fields may apply; regardless of whether visual artist, musician, writer, theorist, dancer,...

Participants are selected based on the quality of their current works, and their commitment to participate in this extraordinary creative platform.



Entry Fee:

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Are you a curator?
A writer, poet, playwright or graphic novelist?
An artist working mostly with text and/or concepts?

TRACTOR-TEXT initiative might be something for you and your creative research. In as much as TRACTOR-TEXT is designed for research, experimentation, and play on new ideas, text, and words. 

Open for anyone working predominately with text (in any form); traditionally or experimentally. As well as curators or researchers who have new, brilliant research-based exhibition and/or project proposal or simply want some time off to finish up a long started assignment.

DURATION: max. 7 weeks (preferably 3 or 4 weeks)

open to all artists, art theorists working essentially with text or concepts in one way or another. This includes also curators who’d like to explore the local art scene and set up an exciting exhibition as a conclusion of their residency stay.


Entry Fee:

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BARTR artist-in-residence





BARTR is an annual interdisciplinary residency run by an independent collective in Budapest. It is an urban based, open plan program that focuses on underground artistic and cultural movements significant to Hungary and the Central European Area. Each session is 11 weeks long and hosts 10–15 residents at one time.
The program is characterized by an open, decentralized structure. Studios are located in different spaces through the central districts of the city, the exhibition takes place in more than one venue, and collaboration with other artists, studios, and civil organisations is encouraged and facilitated, for those residents who are interested. 
In addition to residents’ self-directed work, a program of workshops aims to encourage collaboration, extend artistic practice and work towards a series of pieces to be exhibited during the final show. The workshops are focussed on two movements central to underground cultural expression: print/zine culture, and experimental and DIY audio and sound.


Artists are expected to participate in the workshops, weekly studio visits, and exhibit their works in the final exhibition. Residents that choose to take part in the print focused workshops will participate in a collaborative printed publication in addition to the exhibition.

Accommodation Information 

Residents will be accommodated in central, flat-share style apartments with private rooms, self-catering facilities, shared bathrooms and fast wifi access. Each flat will host 2–4 artists.

Studio Information 

Residents have access to well-equipped and spacious shared studios for the duration of the residency. A range of sizes are available. The studios are assigned based on the requirements of each artist, in discussion with the organisers.

Fee Detail: 
It is free to apply
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Horse and Art Research Program





DATES: 1-14. August 2019.

LOCATION: on the North side of Lake Balaton int he village of Barnag in Hungary, Europe.

PROGRAM: an intensive residency designed for artists interested in combining equine studies and visual arts. The work will include daily practice and lessons of horsemanship, horsearchery, anatomically correct riding. Discussions and lectures will be held with the main focus on fine art research and a focus on drawing. The programm is running since 5 years in a series for years to come and is centered around different research themes. This summer we will focus on drawing. We interpret drawing widely and think of the process conceptually. Guest lecturers will be invited, excursions will be organised, works made can be exhibited.

AIM: to deliver our interest into the field of international artistic research with opening up connections between equine culture and art. we would like to rethink art today in relation to horsemanship and ridign. we are open for artistic practices coming from both, western and eastern traditions.

PROGRAM LEADERS: Dr. Veszely Beáta is an artist and researcher focusing on the horse portrait in contemporary art and Szmrecsányi Márton is a horse trainer and horsearcher running his own team within the Kassai Horsearchery School. Both are teaching at the National Ridingacademy.

ACCOMMODATION: in rural life settings is offered in traditional Hungarian style yurts.

PREMISES: in Barnag are centered around a 19th century small holding partly home of the Szmrecsányi family neighbouring the National Park. The premises are newly renovated with communal kitchen, dining room, guest rooms and a new riding arena.

HORSES: six horses are at the premises. Horses are started with natural horsemanship and trained academically.

FEE: for a two-week program for international participants is 980 Euros per person. We offer a 10% discount for returnin participants. The fee includes all costs, but does not inlcude travel expenses.

APPLICATION: Please only apply, if you are interested in both, art and horses, if you are happy to try rural living and if you are open for discussion with others. Please write an email of interest for an application form to Veszely Beáta at . The application deadline is 15. February 2019. All applications will be carefully viewed and upto 10 people will be selected.


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