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Artistic Hub Open Call

Showcase Your Art and Inspire the World

Artistic Hub, a Swiss online magazine dedicated to making art accessible and engaging for everyone, is thrilled to announce our latest open call for artists. We invite emerging and established artists to present their work through exclusive interviews that highlight their unique creative journeys.

What We Offer:

Be Featured in Our Exclusive Artist Interview Series! - International Artist Open Call

Open Call for Artist Interviews at Barbagelata Contemporary Art Foundation

Are you an artist looking for an opportunity to showcase your work and share your creative journey with a wider audience? We invite artists of all backgrounds and styles to participate in our exclusive artist interview series!

About Us:
BCAF is dedicated to promoting emerging and established artists from around the world. Through our online platform, we strive to connect artists with art enthusiasts, collectors, and curators, providing a dynamic space for artistic expression and appreciation.

Win an online Solo Exhibition in May 2024

Win an online Solo Exhibition in May 2024

Get International Exposure and Connect with Industry Insiders, Art Collectors and Potential Buyers

Each month an amazing photographer will be awarded a Solo Exhibition in our new dedicated showroom pages. Next exhibition dates: May 1-31, 2024

We want to showcase incredible work. Photography that awakens our imagination, transforms our way of thinking, or simply resonates with who we are.

The Solo Exhibition enables you to reach a wider audience through our independent magazine that has become one of the most vibrant portals of photography on the web.

ARTIST OPEN CALL - «AIR» - International Online Exhibition

Dive into the depths of artistic exploration with our upcoming exhibition, where we invite visionary artists to delve into the enigmatic world of "Elements." We seek artists to capture the essence of AIR and pave the way for an elemental odyssey that transcends boundaries. Unleash your creativity and be part of an exhibition that celebrates the profound connection between art and the foundational elements of our existence.

Whether you are an established artist or an emerging talent, we welcome your unique perspectives and creative expressions. This is an excellent opportunity to have your artwork featured in a prominent art gallery and connect with a diverse audience of art enthusiasts, collectors, and fellow artists.


We are pleased to present Divide Magazine: Issue 10 Open Call for Art.

Divide Magazine is a Contemporary Art Magazine that features emerging artists from around the globe. Divide Magazine has an annual readership of over 86,000+ and hosts 19,000+ followers on Instagram @dividemag. 


Some high profile artists we've featured in the past include;
-Popovy Sisters
-Coderch & Malavia Sculptors
-Erik Minter
-Annan Affotey

‘Beauty in abstract’

Worldwide Artist Open call

BROUHAHART Presents ‘Beauty in abstract’

Perceived beauty of abstract through empirical aesthetics.

Showcase your work to a global audience.

We are now accepting submissions for our Virtual ‘Beauty in abstract’ Exhibition.

Any artist from any background can submit any of their work.

There is no charge to submit your application, please feel free to share your work with us.

[A small fee (£30) is applied per artist once they have been selected for the exhibition].

The team will review all applications and the selected works will be announced.


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