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For this call NYC4PA is challenging photographers to pair two photographs and submit them in diptych format (both images in one file).  he images in each file will be “almost” the same but different enough to make each unique.  You may have two versions of an image that you processed differently, or the same scene shot at different times of day.  Have you taken two portraits of the same person with a feature or features that distinguish the images. The possibilities are endless and the room for interpretation and creativity equally vast. This call is a little different and one we hope you have fun with when selecting your submissions. 

Using the diptych format, send us your pairs of images – two images that are THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT.


Of The Year Exhibition Open Call:
So much beauty passes us by every day, and it takes someone with a special eye to pause and immortalize the moment in a photograph. The wonder of photography is that it’s not only a showcase on the beauties of life, it’s seeing those beauties through the eyes and style of the artist themselves.
As the year wraps up and the joy of the holidays is upon us, we’re once again opening submissions for our End of the Year Photo Exhibition. This is an exciting year, because we’re doing something unique this time around. Instead of setting a theme for the submissions to follow, we’re doing a theme-free open call. Send in your most stunning works from this year. Your photograph can be anything, so go ahead and give it everything you can!


The Byrdcliffe Artists-in-Residence (AiR) Program offers uninterrupted time and space for creatives in all disciplines. Our serene and rustic mountain community is 2.5 hours north of NYC in Woodstock, NY with residencies open to individuals and co-applicants at all stages of their career. Byrdcliffe’s AiR program is particularly beneficial to those who find it restorative to live in a community environment surrounded by natural beauty.

Open Call to The Mobile Library Magazine

The Mobile Library provides a multi-digital exhibiting experience for artists and writers to showcase their work during the pandemic closures. Each publication is unique, pairing 6 artists and 6 writers together at different stages in their career to build a collaborative experience.

This year, Volume 3 will explore the theme of memory with Issue 1 seeking work that explores memories, moments, and experiences of childhood. What does it mean to record a moment and how do we choose which objects to represent a specific moment of our lives. The decision is a deeply personal one and through this issue we invite you to create works including, but not limited to --paintings, drawings, sculpture, illustrations, found objects, poetry, short stories, essays, journals and more!

International Art Publication Online

Pigeon Review is seeking fine art submissions for publication to our online art and literary review. From a cluttered room or a cup of coffee to an inquisitive face, we like art that tells a story.  Pigeon Review is currently accepting work in the genres of portrait/figure, nature/landscape/plein air, still life, and narrative realism. Mediums that we accept are traditional paintings, digital paintings, illustrations, photography, and sculpture. Please see our full submission guidelines on before submitting.

This submission window is open from November 16-30.

Superpresent Winter Issue

Superpresent magazine is seeking submissions on the theme of FOOD. Food not only in the literal sense but also in the metaphorical sense. What feeds us? What feeds our mind? What do we feed others? What do we hunger for? All food for thought.


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