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Get featured in our carefully curated and beautifully designed International Art Magazine for Emerging Artists, publishing date May & June 2024

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Get featured in one of our carefully curated and beautifully designed print issues, publishing date May & June 2024.

Join on a Mind-Blowing 3D Holographic Exhibition at Vision Art Fair Lisbon

We are pleased to inform you that we are currently accepting applications, allowing you to take advantage of our prestigious selection process and apply for the opportunity to join our Holographic exhibition at Cordoaria Nacional in the context of the Vision Art Fair which will take place from June 7th to 10th in Lisbon. We are accepting applications for animated artworks, video art, 3d animation, interactive multimedia, etc. Video works cannot be more than 30 seconds long and will be looped throughout all days of the fair (Format MP4 or MOV. Technical note: Everything that is pure black in the image or video will be transparent in the hologram, that is, it will not appear.)

OPEN-CALL ARTBOX VR | Vision Art Fair Lisbon

We propose a virtual and immersive exhibition that invites you to discover the universe of contemporary art through virtual reality. An exhibition with total freedom of movement. A moment of fantasy in which the visitor is completely immersed in the dreamlike and pictorial universe of contemporary art, crossing different rooms where huge projections of works allow the visitor to feel completely immersed in the works created by the artists in a second plastic, sensorial, vibrant and unforgettable dimension. Applications are open from painting, mixed media, collage, video art, giclée artists, among others, to exhibit alongside the renowned artists who will be featured at Artbox VR, represented by São Rafael Galleries at this event.


We welcome artists and organizers from diverse practices and backgrounds, researchers, curators, and critics for 1-3 months.


You will be immersed in Lisbon’s vibrant underground artistic community. Engaging in our eclectic program of events, schedule of exhibitions, and collaborating with community members.


Either as a resident or for those already in Lisbon, a studio residency.


We offer residents the possibility to explore techniques, concepts, ideas, and collaborations, to develop a final project.


Throughout, you will receive curatorial guidance and support from our welcoming community.



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