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The Moon in the Mirror



Calling all artists:

PARTIA (Promoting Art In Aintree) at Aintree University Hospital NHS Trust are currently accepting submissions to their first exhibition of 2017.

‘The Moon in the Mirror’


‘The Moon in the Mirror’ is an exploration and enquiry into ‘the truth of reality’.

As the moon in the sky is an object that exists in the material world,

the moon in the mirror is the reflection of the material moon and these exist differently in the observer’s mind.


The observer might not distinguish the differences between the object and the reflection and as Plato pointed out that one is never really sure what one is sure of, that the only thing one can be sure of is that one is not sure.


Artists can consider the questions of reality and representation, the implication of artworks among people and the notion of reality. We are aiming to question the notion of reality. Is it a universal, absolute reality or is it a subjective, changeable reality which has different meanings under different contexts?


Unlike a traditional gallery space PARTIA welcomes a variety of work from established and emerging artists and since we're a hospital we also receive more footfall than many galleries (350,000 people walk through our hospital every year).


For further queries and to request a registration pack please contact

Submission deadline for proposals: March 27th 2017




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