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Open Call: Publishing Deal with SNAP Collective

SNAP Collective is an innovative and dynamic art book publishing house based in Copenhagen specialized in producing high-quality publications featuring emerging and established artists.

Our mission is to ensure that artists present their exceptional work in the form of art books without any financial constraints. We believe that each artist deserves an opportunity to share his/her talent with the world, and we are committed to making it happen.
We take care of every stage of the publishing process, from book project launch to completion, ensuring that the art book is produced to the highest standards and reflects the artist’s unique vision.

Seeing the Self: Storytelling Through Self-Portraiture

Exploring the art of self-portraiture as a practice of self-knowing and conscious self-expression for women and non-gender conforming People of Color, Seeing The Self considers how reclaiming a visual narrative through the photographic medium can be a possible healing modality for those so often rendered invisible.

The art of self-portraiture provides a way of confronting our visual presence gently and with intention, seeing the subject not as object but as the embodiment of representation, in a process of becoming and reclaiming agency of one’s identity.

Call for Artists in Raymond Kabbaz theater

TRK is seeking artists to exhibit and sell works in an exterior courtyard on wooden panels measuring 40”wide and 80” for these events:

- A Night of Short French Films, February 8 

- Dominique Fils-Aimé, February 15

- Right in the Eye, February 28
- Malaise dans la civilisation, March 14 & 15 

- Seamus Egan, March 17 (St. Patrick's Day!)

- A Week of French Language Cinema, March 19-24  

- John Scofield Trio, April 7 

- Sous le poids des plumes, May 1

- Los Angeles Virtuosi conducted by Carlo Ponti, May 17

- Ruptures, May 30 & 31

The Shelley Lazarus Excellence in Watercolor Award & Exhibition

The Artists Gallery (TAG) is owned, operated, and managed by Los Angeles-based artists, and is currently celebrating its 30-year anniversary. The collective aims to involve artists in all aspects of building a successful art business, from creating great art to exhibiting and marketing. Exhibitions showcase local, national, and international talent, and enrich the community through artistic programming. Please visit the website for current events and frequent artist opportunities.

We invite all watercolor artists to submit their work for an exhibition and cash award opportunity to The Artists Gallery (TAG) for the 2nd Annual Shelley Lazarus Watercolor Awards. This Excellence in Watercolors exhibition will take place at the gallery March 6-29, 2024.

Aristocratix seeks artists, models, and performers

The evolution of Nude Art LA, Aristocratix picks up right where its predecessor left off with a new show planned for February 2024 in Downtown Los Angeles. The event will take place over several weekends, and will feature a mix of world-class fine art, live performances, interactive exhibits, and more. These shows focus on the artistic depiction of the nude human form in both fine art and live performance, and have been a huge hit with audiences since their inception.  

Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival

Submissions are currently Open for DARE TO DANCE IN PUBLIC FILM FESTIVAL: Round 7 (D2D)

D2D is dedicated to the concept of democratizing dance by taking it into the public sphere, exploring space and place, and intersecting creatively with the art of film.  We are most interested in the creative intersection of dance and the camera, and films that transcend perceived boundaries of  country, culture, ethnicity, race, religion, and gender, and that speak to us wordlessly in the universal language of movement about what it is to be human.  




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