Unearthing the Archive

Curator - Aidan Cowling (CANADA)

In a short amount of time, the Internet and digital technologies have dramatically  changed the way we live our lives, and we are beginning to register and quantify how  our daily contact with the digital world has altered the archive. How is technology being  mobilized today to preserve and present archive and history? This residency invites 

participants to experience ANIMA Casa Rural through the lens of the archive, and  consider how can the historical archive be used to find a way forward and makes sense  of today. 


Curator - Sarah Eargle (USA)

During the months of June and July 2021, ACRAR will be hosting a two month  residency in which the main purpose will be the creation of workshops and creative  activities by artists in residence for our community. 


Curator - Fernando Jimon + Marina Jimon (Mexico)

During this residency we will find passion and dedication for two prehispanic, Mexican clay making traditions from Tonala, Jalisco. These techniques have been part of the Jimon family for six generations. Their artisanal lifestyle has taken them around the  world sharing their knowledge as well as the history, culture and talent of their  hometown. 

“Barro bruñido” (Rub Clay) technique comes from the rubbing a pyrite stone on the  shaped and painted pieces of clay, and as the last step they are burned in a traditional  open sky tonaltecan style wood kiln. 

Open Roads

“Open Roads” is a highly flexible residency for self-directed artists who are looking to  devote themselves to their art and research for a minimum stay of two weeks and a  maximum of two months.

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