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Bodyscapes, Fragmented and Multiplied Bodies by Gaspar Marquez



"A lot of people dream in black and white, well, personally I don’t, my dreams are bright, fuzzy and obviously in color!” Says photographer Gaspar Marquez, when speaking about the inspiration for his latest photography exhibition, Bodyscapes, presented by The Espejo Organization for the Arts at Rabbithole Gallery. Marquez, who was born in Mexico and learned photography as he wandered through America, creates artwork that explore the perfect asymmetry and infinite world found in the female form.

In this one-night-only show, Marquez will present a series of images composed by multiple 35mm film shots. “I experiment with the nude female body because is the source of my inspiration. I always felt the need to photograph it. I want to capture the essence of female beauty. This is paramount to fulfill my artistic expression and unique style of creating images in a nonlinear, almost mathematical way, dissecting the female aesthetic frame by frame.” Says Marquez when asked about his process.

This exhibition is presented by The Espejo Organization for the Arts, a Brooklyn based  arts management company that promote international artists and creatives. This photography exhibition is part of a series of one night pop-up exhibitions and performances that aim to bring international art practices closer to the public. Kika Espejo, founder and director of the organization, describes the importance of these one-night shows by explaining how, “Through these one-night shows we aim to offer an open and inviting platform where international artists and the public would meet. We want to create a more intimate relationship between the creator and the audience and invite them to participate and engage with contemporary art.”

This exhibition, and the others in the series of one-night pop up exhibitions curated by the Espejo Organization, will be held at Rabbithole Projects Gallery. This art space is located on the waterfront of the Dumbo Arts District in Brooklyn. The goal of the Rabbithole is to provide the space and community access for these talented artists to share their dreams, visions, and creations with inspired attendees. Shawn Lyons, owner of Rabbithole Projects, is proud to partner with the Espejo Organization and explained how, “We are incredibly excited to host such an intriguing photographer such as Marquez.”


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