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New online interiors showroom that connects collectors and interior design professionals with original art is looking for US-based artists skilled in pen, pencil, charcoal, etc.  Our buyers are consumers, commercial buyers, interior designers, and architects sourcing original art for homes, offices and commercial properties. Strong connections in metro Detroit but happy to review applications from non-Michigan artists as well.

Apply if you're highly skilled with strong professional documents, ie: artist statement, bio, CV and list of exhibits/corporate commissions. Our buyers are picky so we are too. 

No fee to apply. US artists and designers, only.

Rolling application.

Entry Fee:

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Visitor Center Artist Camp Residency & Creative Retreat





Visitor Center Artist Camp is a short-term, low-impact Artist Residency site, situated on a 120-acre camp bordering the Ottawa National Forest in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Explore creative practices influenced by the surrounding natural environment and focused on sustainability and self-sufficiency, while working and living communally in this beautiful wilderness environment.

JULY 27TH - AUGUST 9th 2019, with Optional Extended Work Session, August 9th - 16th.

Immerse yourself in our Local Clay Workshop, digging, hand-processing, and firing the local clay on site; work on a project in Wood and learn from a lifelong logger, timber-framer, and DIY master at his Sawmill; or propose an Independent Project that can be supported by VCAC’s rugged setting, sustainable focus, and adventurous attitude.

Previous years’ artists have cast recycled aluminum into molds made from the local clay and sand, created site-specific installations in the forest, traveled the area capturing photographs of the old mining and logging towns nearby, brewed traditional Finnish-style beer, worked on video projects, and painted images of the inspiring UP landscape.

The programming for VCAC is intended for both personal and collective growth. We will share our skills and ideas with each other though demos, presentations, and campfire discussions.

The VCAC is a great place for the creative growth of an advanced artist looking to step out of their normal routine or experiment with new materials and techniques, or for the emerging artist looking to learn new skills. Adults of all creative backgrounds, experience levels, and fields of practice are encouraged to apply. You must be at least 18 years of age.

Space is limited! We have 12 spots for 2019. Applications will be reviewed in the order received. Deadline for all applications is June 1st.

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