Open call

To all artists, 

My name is Jeff Neely and I am the owner of The FaFa Gallery in Midland, TX. I am working with Liz Culp, President of The Midland Arts Association, and we are pleased to announce the following call for submissions to a contest. 

Midland Charms is a new business in the building in downtown Midland at 401 W. Texas street. It is a business hub meant to spur economic growth and take advantage of the recent labeling of the area as the arts district by bringing art and entertainment venues to the downtown area. Some goals stated by the management team are to attract food, performance, and artistic creativity spaces for arts and artists of all types. 

Keep Midland Beautiful Call for Artists - Public Art - "Wind"


This opportunity is open to all artists emerging and established artists, individuals and artist-led teams, and artists working with a wide variety of media, who have completed projects for private clients, public agencies, or for grassroots/community projects.  Artist teams of any size may apply.  Prior Public Art experience is not a requirement to submit information to KMB.  Artists with West Texas connections are encouraged to apply.

Selection Process:

Information and materials submitted in response to the RFP will be evaluated by the KMB Board of Directors Beautification Committee.


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