PigPrints invites printmakers working in intaglio and relief techniques to submit their work for its 2024 Residency Fellowship. The residencies will take place in February and March 2024.

The purpose of this fellowship is to give two artists the possibility of spending 2-week residency periods in Milan to produce work in our printshop, while also having the opportunity to take time to enjoy the city’s rich culture. One artist will be awarded a two-week fellowship for a February 2024 residency, another a two- week March 2024 residency.

Lab Art Prize MILAN’23 edition

Malamegi Lab Art Prize, is a call for submissions open to all kind of artists. Works allowed in the art competition are: drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, mix media and video. A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the opportunity to exhibit their artworks, and much more. 


PRIZES: 5000,00€

- artwork acquisition award

- cash prize

- monographic book prize


The following types of works are admitted: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed media, Digital, Video, Graphics, Net art, other (all visual works that can 

be reproduced through a picture are allowed).


YICCA 23/24 - International Contest of Contemporary Art

The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art.

Internationality and networking make YICCA a huge opportunity for the artists, which can:

• Win a cash prize:

- Euro 3000,00 money prize to the first selected

- Euro 1000,00 money prize to the second selected

• Promote their art through a variety of channels:

- exhibit the selected artworks in a exhibition space, determined by competition.

- improve the relationship between finalists and critics, curators, gallery owners, public and private art institutions that will have access to this important exhibition.


spazioSERRA invites artists and collectives to think of a new site-specific project for the next exhibition season.
The title suMISURA is inspired by the characteristics specific to spazioSERRA, an exhibition space for contemporary art, which is presented as an architectural element in a measured context built on rules, distances and relationships. The selected artists will be asked to analyze such a place, at once content and container, where daily the very rules that constitute it are emphasized, exploited, deformed, reshaped and sometimes annulled.

Art. 1 – PURPOSE

Open Call for Art Modern Renaissance Magazine

Submit your work to be featured in the Summer June issue of our magazine, Modern Renaissance, where you’ll find art and writing, editorials, articles, interviews, gallery features, event coverage, and more in THE LATEST TOPICS AND TRENDS IN GLOBAL ARTS WORLD! Be featured alongside editorials under partnerships with some of the world's leading art institutions and leading artists and writers, regardless of your skill level or age! Get your art career started with Culturally Arts Collective. With interviews and articles covering the hottest arts topics/trends and the people you’ll want to know, gain ample international exposure with 70,000+ monthly downloads! 

ReA! Art Fair 2023 Open Call

The 20th of January marks the start of the Open Call for emerging artists to showcase their work at the fourth annual edition of ReA! Art Fair. Held in October 2023 at Fabbrica del Vapore, this esteemed event offers 100 artists the chance to connect with collectors and galleries, engage with a broad audience, and present their works for sale.

The ReA Arte association is dedicated to supporting young talents, providing a platform for emerging artists to exhibit their works and reach new heights in their careers. With no thematic constraints and a wide range of categories including Painting, Drawing, Photography, and Digital Art, the ReA! Art Fair is a canvas for boundless expression.


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