Citofonare PimOff - Residencies programme for contemporary dance

Citofonare PimOff reaches its 9th edition and as every year it launches an international call for contemporary dance projects in phase of creation, that have never debuted, in Italy or abroad, and have never been presented to the public in finished form. It will be possible to send applications from 15th March to 30th April 2023.


Terre da Film Festival - Open Call 2023

Terre da Film is a place where people meet up to live an experience through cinema, art and more. Every summer artists, filmmakers, poets, students, tourists and locals live for a few days in the town of Canelli to create a unique temporary community.

Next edition will be during the first two weekends of July. We are looking for films for our screens and people to meet.

In 2023 Edition Terre da Film will focus on the theme of THOUGHTS ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT.

How does a living being dwell and influence its own environment? How does an environment influence beings/organisms by which it is constituted of?

Open call for artists - Ecological exhibition

This exhibition, named  "Invisible"

is expanded by ’The Three Ecologies’ of Italian philosopher Felix Gattari. The word ecology comes from the Greek word ‘oikos’, which means home, representing that we cannot be without nature. This exhibition will focus on social, mental and environmental ecology. We put forward the questions about why these three can not be separated, how to balance them, and how nature changes Invisible . "We have already challenged the planet enough, and now we are on the ecological ecocide brink," Guattari said. Either global warming or water dwindling is the problem that can be touched, but the problems still extend.

Lab.17 art contest

Lab.17 art contest, is a call for submissions open to all kind of artists. Works allowed in the art competition are: drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, mix media and video. A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the opportunity to exhibit the artworks and much more. 


PRIZES: 5000,00€

- collaboration award for a new Malamegi collection

- artwork acquisition award

- cash prize

- monographic book prize


The following types of works are admitted: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed media, Digital, Video, Graphics, Net art, other (all visual works that can 

be reproduced through a picture are allowed).



PICTURE THAT 2020 is an opportunity open to photographers, artists, designers and illustrators from all over the world whose practice and research involves in some degree, but is not necessarily limited to, photography to win a free 2 week residency and workshop in photogravure and photo-lithography. 


- Free 2-week productive residency at gate44’s print-shop in Milan, Italy between June 2020 and january 2021. ( We will personally discuss different options with you in order to work around your schedule)

- Free 2-week workshop by GATE 44’ printmakers in photogravure and  paper lithography

- Free materials (roughly 700 €): paper, inks, plates and all printshop materials necessary for the workshops

ArteVisione 2018

Un progetto a sostegno del talento creativo
un premio di produzione per artisti under 40
un workshop con professionisti di fama internazionale 

ArteVisione è un progetto ideato da Careof con l’obiettivo di offrire opportunità di crescita personale e professionale ad artisti under 40 attraverso la produzione di un’opera video e la partecipazione a un workshop con esperti del settore. Il concorso ammette proposte artistiche di qualsiasi genere e tematica inedite o nella prima fase di realizzazione.


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