NFTitties Participatory Art Project

Are you interested in making art for charity? Are you against the unfair nudity policy that exists on social media platforms today? Or are you interested in making NFTs and learning more about Web3? NFTitties is a women-led participatory NFT project that anyone can form part of! Everyone is invited to submit an image of boobs, following a set of visual parameters. If selected by the NFTitties curatorial committee, the image will be minted as an NFT and sold at auction. One pair of NFTitties is sold per day and an auction takes place every day on the NFTitties website. 

Talking's Tuff, A short survey on rejection

One aim of Tuff Luck has always been to represent that feeling we've all experienced yet rarely talk about, rejection. There are many ways to do this, namely through our open calls for work thats been turned down and through giving advice to those who've been feeling rough about it. However, something we are really keen to do is generate our own data on the matter from the experiences many of you have shared with us prior- hence 'Talking's Tuff', a small survey which allows you to open up (anonymously, if you so wish) about your recent short comings.

Call for Contributions Sculptorvox Vol 4: Plastic Prognosticate

Plastic Prognosticate

Plastic: a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers 

Prognosticate: foretell or prophesy (a future event).

We are seeking new writing, essays, interviews, creative interpretation, reviews, and photographic work that explore and respond to the title and theme ‘Plastic Prognosticate’.


You are invited to submit work that expresses notions, ideas and theories on materiality, process and future facing practices.


Photographers, both amateur and professional, are invited to submit up to ten photographs or films for the inaugural edition of Earth Photo. The international photography competition and exhibition, developed jointly by Forestry Commission England and the Royal Geographical Society(with the Institute of British Geographers), aims to enable a better understanding of the world around us through project partners’ complementary disciplines of Geography and the Environment. Earth Photo will focus on four key themes - People, Nature, Place and Change.

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