Seeds planting Art

GENERAL INFORMATION: International call for any kind of artworks and creative projects dedicated to the plants world. The organizer invites the production of works and proposals dedicated to a species whose seeds the Svalbard Global Seed Vault preserves, even unknown but indispensable ones. Information about species that are conserved in the Seed Vault can be found on the Seed Portal webpage Search.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: All authors of any nationality who have reached 18 years of age at the competition expiry date can take part in the competition. Individual authors, collectives and formal corporations can enter. No registration fee is required.

ARTISTS SUBMISSIONS: Artworks are to be submitted by email to:

Residency 23 - 'Understanding intelligence'

What is intelligence? Can intelligence be owned, given or lost? Does it arise from our genes or our environment, or some mixture of both? Who can be thought of as intelligent and who is excluded from this category? How have science, society and art historically been dealing with intelligence - and how could they?

Residency 23, Understanding intelligence,  invites a multidisciplinary group of artists, scientists, and others to explore concepts and constructs of intelligence.

Call for proposals “Creative practices as a tool to work with heritage. Theater, performance, live art” Summer Symposium

Call for proposals “Creative practices as a tool to work with heritage. Theater, performance, live art" Summer Symposium

Oslo, Norway, July 28 - August 4

Deadline: June 1st


We warmly invite you to take part in the Summer Symposium organized by the Nordic Summer University. Our section will be focusing on the Nordic-Baltic regions’ heritage and all kinds of performative practices which will be considered as a tool to interpret, redefine and appropriate heritage.

Repression – Expression // Violence – Creative Resistance

This residency seeks to create a space for exploration and community between artists whose creative practices respond to experiences of conflict and oppression. It is underpinned by PRIO’s ongoing research project INSPIRE which investigates creative practice and activism in contexts of war.

About the residency
The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine has once again brought the reality of war into sharpened focus - against a backdrop of ongoing conflicts around the world that continue to devastate the lives of individuals and communities. 

Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads

This residency proposes a process of collective research into relationships between body and environment, through an investigation of the impact of chemicals and toxins on human and non-human bodies.

OPEN CALL Scene:Bluss Bedbug Edition

For all sleepwalkers, insomniacs, hypersomiacs, pill-poppers and sloth-like creatures. This is a call to you:

Scene:Bluss – The Bedbug Edition will center around the bed as catalyst for a collective imagination, a place from which to question modes of production and making sleepwalking a working method. A furniture both loved and feared, underappreciated and over-used, the bed will be our starting point to gather at ‘The School of Sleep’ in Porsgrunn, Norway.


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