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Agora Digital Art Residency




Open Call for self-identified Women Artists working in New Media and XR

The Residency Lab is a digital residency opened to self-identified women artists, working in New Media Art with XR (AI, AR, MR, ML, VR, etc), challenging, exploring and engaging on the dis/embodiment, transhumanism and gender fluidity.

The Residency Lab is also a springboard to create a new project and to test new practices in a VR Mozilla Hubs venue.

That venue link belongs to the artist. You can continue developing your project after the residency. It is meant to invite people in such as curators, gallerists or collectors, to view your solo show.


How does it work?

Agora Digital Art will support and facilitate your creative process for the entire journey, with your designated curator.

What we offer today is curatorial support, plus networking opportunities. We also develop your residency page, produce a talk and do a “studio visit” after the residency. And, as a final boost Agora Digital Art creates a massive social media promotion campaign for you.

The objective of the residency is to start or to continue a project, in view to exhibit min. one artwork in a permanent virtual exhibition, in Mozilla Hubs.


Digital Art Residency Lab

  • Periods starting in 2021:  Opening for September to December
  • Application deadline:  on the 27th of each month 
  • Duration of the residency: one month
  • Outputs: a virtual exhibition in Mozilla Hubs (solo show), your Artist page, Interview or article, Agora Talk and social media promotion campaign. 


About you

  • You are a self-identifying woman or non-binary digital artist (She/Her or They/Them) or in a group including 50% women artists.
  • You have easy access to Internet.
  • You are min. aged 23 at the moment of your residency.
  • You do speak well enough in English.
  • You are committed to dedicating time and research during your residency.
  • You are willing to document your residency in a Live “Studio Visit” in a 121 zoom.
  • You are available for any content Agora will produce about you: interview, podcast or talk.
  • You work in New Media and XR (AI, AR, MR, ML, VR, etc)
  • Please prepare: 200-word max biography, 300-word Artist Statement, 500-word Project Proposal, plus social media and your website link.
  • The artists hold full intellectual property rights and control of the final piece they create and the venue in Mozilla Hubs.


  • Is the Residency Lab paid? Since we are a young organisation, unfortunately, the Residency Lab is unpaid. We need to find a sponsor – hopefully soon. But Agora Digital Art does a lot of marketing promotion on- and off-line.
  • Who will be my curator? Agora Digital Art is a volunteer-based organisation, it will depend on the curators’ team availability and interest.
  • I have no project idea, can I apply? The Residency Lab is to help you to test new things. So, it’s better to start with a clear basis because one month is not that long to produce new artworks – depending on what you want to achieve.
  • I’m not in the age range, can I apply? Sorry, but you should be confirmed as 23 years old during your residency. If you’re too young, wait until you reach 23 years old.
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online PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program #2






16th February - 26th March 2021

collaborate, engage, be inspired, share ideas and concepts

PILOTENKUECHE Online Residency Program gives artists the opportunity to engage online with a global community of artists. Selected artists from various disciplines are invited to participate in the task and discussion based program which includes sessions with experts on topics that expand artist experience. We want to create a space for experimentation with formats and strategies. The fact that artists are potentially on different continents will not impede the possibility of collaborating with each other.

exhibit in both worlds

Artists’ work will be shown to a wider community digitally and in analog.  Content produced will be shown at Galerie KUB, presented on our website, pktv and IGTV. In summer we will have a curated exhibition of 8-10 artists at Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig digital art museum. Only artists who have participated in the online residency will be eligible to submit pieces for possible inclusion.

Each participant will also be interviewed and a well-written piece will be published on our website.

what we offer

-6 week online residency
-2 sessions per week
-9 hours with experts
-task and discussion
-published interview
-exhibition at Galerie KUB
-pktv, IGTV
-chance of being in curated summer show at KKW

what we expect from artists

-attend sessions
-time and space for reflection
-time to complete tasks
-participatory attitude
-stable internet
-access to video editing program
-willingness to experiment 
-open to show incomplete or drafts in sessions
-work from own space
-provide own materials



We provide all necessary documents for artists to apply for funding.



Entry Fee:

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Virtual Residency




During these strange times we will be hosting a creative residency online.

The residency will take place over six days, beginning on Sunday and ending on Friday.

The residency is mixed discipline. All creative disciplines are welcome to join, up to a maximum number of six creatives.

What can I expect?

  • Induction and meet your fellow residents (Day 1)
  • ‘Stand up’ meeting every morning to set intentions for the day
  • Solidarity sessions - timed work sprints, throughout the day, every day
  • Shared playlists - Including all your recommendations
  • Daily inspiration email, including readings and exercises
  • Daily presentation - each day one of our artists is given the opportunity to present their work to the other residents
  • A feeling of togetherness without having to leave your home or studio

How much does it cost?

However much you feel you can or want to give. You can donate to us via paypal either during or at the end of the residency. Details will be given when you sign up.

What do I need to join?

A gmail account (it also helps to have Google calendar)
Google hangouts

Contact & Links: 
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