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Call for Art | Seeing Clearly | Online Exhibition

Explore Moments of Clarity and Inspiration in our Online Exhibition: Showcase your Work to a Global Audience. We are now accepting entries for our online exhibition.

Attention artists! We invite you to participate in our online exhibition and display your work to a global audience of art enthusiasts. With this exhibition, we want to explore the moments of clarity and inspiration that lead to exceptional art. We encourage you to interpret those moments in your own way – whether it's the peaceful stillness of an early morning or the tranquility of your garden – and share your unique expression with the world.

Call for Art | Stepping Out | Online Exhibition

Stepping Out: An Exhibition Celebrating Creativity and Originality - Gallery Omata invites artists of all levels to showcase their true expression with an open theme exhibition that empowers artists to push beyond their comfort zones and reach a wider audience.

Call for Art | Dreaming of You | Online Exhibition

Unleash Your Subconscious: How Your Dreams Can Inspire Your Greatest Works of Art - Explore the power of dreaming and how it can enhance your creative vision with Gallery Omata. We are now accepting entries for our online exhibition.

Dreaming can serve as a powerful tool for nurturing creativity, and it's something artists are often experienced at. While some artists may not recall their dreams each evening, it doesn't mean their subconscious isn't brimming with essential processes, from processing information to providing dynamic, new ideas. Our dreams can even offer insight into our own art, uncovering hidden messages that help spur on new creative endeavors.

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