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“NO standART. endless truth seekers”


together with International Jury
the 3rd International Contemporary Art BIENNALE
NO standART. endless truth seekers
1 August /30 August, 2023, Online, worldwide

and invite:
• artists,
• researchers,
• educational and scientific innovators
to join an interdisciplinary program online.


Artist on the Rise auction and online exhibition 25th edition

Artists on the Rise April Auction & Online Exhibition

Featuring the artists of tomorrow today.


This call is for artists who deem their work ready to be sold on our "ARTISTS ON THE RISE" international auction and online exhibition. 


Call Status: Open for Entry

Exhibition Location: Global

Exhibition Type: Online Only

Entry Deadline: 30/03/2023, Midnight

Calling all visual artists worldwide.

Our artists on the Rise auction is now in it's 23rd exhibition and we encourage you to send in your entry to this wonderful project which has opened up opportunities for so many artists from around the world.

Movement | Open Call

UPWARD Gallery invites artists worldwide to submit artwork to our online competition and exhibit, Movement.

What brings a work of art to life, really allows the image to talk to the spectator? Movement, demonstration of temporary ties, the narrative told by the artist. 
Share the your story through movement in artwork.

All artists 18 and older are encouraged to submit their work in any medium, style, and genre.

Artist Radar

The Harddiskmuseum's Artist Radar is an initiative to collect new artistic talents to bring them to the museum & to his new crypto folder platform called 721.

  • What is the Harddiskmuseum

Conceived as a tribute to the digital files that are the essence of the new media, the Harddiskmuseum questions, among other things, architecture as a synonym for culture.

Based on a 2 Terabyte hard disk,the museum universe is dedicated exclusively to digital arts and is founded by multimedia artist Solimán López in 2015 in the framework of ESAT (Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología) in Valencia.

International Art Compoetition Yellow

Contemporary Art Room Gallery is proud to announce their 1st "Yellow" Online Art Competition for the month of April 2022. This is an international competition and artists from around the world are welcome to submit their work. The theme may include any work with depiction of the color "Yellow" or shades of Yellow (beige, lemon yellow, canary yellow, golden yellow). All visual art mediums are acceptable (painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, digital, prints, fiber art, collage or installation art) except sound and video art. All winning artists will receive a digital award certificate. First, second and third place will be largely displayed with an article about the artist and their work. First place will be on the poster of the show.

Gallery Ring "STILL LIFE and FLOWER" Online Juried Art Exhibition

Gallery Ring announces an art contest devoted to both FLOWERS and STILL LIFE.  Artists may submit as they prefer: only still life compositions, only floral compositions or to both categories. 
The fee is $20 US for 1-3 pieces.  The deadline to submit work is Wednesday, January 26th, 2022.


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