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Our Artist-in-Residence program welcomes artists and writers working in a variety of mediums and genres to live and work in the historic center of Padula, immersing themselves in our way of life here and becoming part of the fabric of the community for the duration of their stay. 

We offer each artist a private room and a luminous private studio space at Casa Padula, one of Padula's oldest and most stately residences. Residents also have use of the large kitchen, the sunroom, il salotto verde (the green salon), library room and the extensive gardens at Casa Padula. . 

Artist Residency in Historic Center of Padula

Art Center Padula is an arts organization, founded as a means to contribute to the revitalization of the southern Italian village of Padula.  The core elements of our project, including our Artist Residency Program, are activities that work together to develop new internal and external social networks in Padula and to re-energize existing ones. We believe that these new or rejuvenated networks will aid in the re-discovery of local creative practices and resources, and encourage the renewal of the historic center. A key priority of this project is to help shift the way people (locally, regionally, and internationally) think about where, how, and why creative and cultural production happens. 

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