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AmiCorti Film Festival aims to promote cinema and the special relationship between it and the Province of Cuneo, bringing the audience of the Unione Montana Alpi del Mare and the Cuneo area closer to the younger works of production destined for squares, cinemas and cinema culture side, with an offer (completely free screenings, debates and meetings) and a communication style aimed at promoting territorial marketing as well. The 3rd edition of the Festival will be held in Peveragno (CN) from 14 to 19 June 2021. The consolidated sections of the Festival have been confirmed, enriched by some news:

▬ Short Films Section; ▬ Music Videoclip Section; ▬ Section “Short animated film” in partnership with Film Commission Torino Piemonte; ▬ “Feature Films” section.

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The films will be evaluated by a special commission formed by the members of the Festival Committee which, with unquestionable judgment, will evaluate the admission of the work itself to the Competitions. The admitted works will be submitted to a TECHNICAL JURY which will assign, with unquestionable judgment: • TROPHY OF CATEGORY for the various SECTIONS If there is no film that excels over the others, the Category Trophy for the Section may not be awarded. For each section, the Jury may award one or more Awards for particular merits of the work. • GRAND TROPHY: Cultural Association Gli Amici "AmiCorti" for the best film work ever; • AUDIENCE AWARD: The prize is awarded by the POPULAR JURY, made up of people who are passionate about cinema and who will follow assiduously. The Festival Jury reserves the indisputable right to award last-minute prizes in exceptional cases.


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€ 10
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