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Zaratan AIR

OPEN CALL SPRING 2019 | Residency Program

DEADLINE | From March 18 to April 15, 2018

RESIDENCY PERIOD | From May to December 2019

ELIGIBILITY | Emerging and professional visual artists, performing artists, sound artist, curators and writers are eligible to apply. The residency program is designed for international or Portuguese artists residing abroad for the development of artistic projects, individual or collective. Zaratan defends a multidisciplinary and experimental attitude, where all the areas and the languages of the artistic expression are considered. 

DURATION | Minimum 4 weeks - Maximum 12 weeks.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS | 2 artists at the same time

ABOUT ZARATAN AIR | Driven by the desire to intensify and exchange knowledge with artists through creative and productive practices, in 2015 Zaratan announced the promotion of an international art residency. Our goal is to mix experienced with emerging artists and give them the possibility to bring their work in an international context through exchange and collaboration within the local network. The artists-in-residence at Zaratan are given the opportunity to develop a project over a fixed period of time, and to reflect and consolidate their artistic practice. During their stay in Lisbon, the selected artists will be required to meet on a regular basis with the curatorial team of Zaratan. 
We provide private accommodation, 24/7 private working studio, technical assistance, promotion and communication support, open public presentation of the residency process. Although labs and technique-specific facilities are not available, we will do our best to fulfill your needs, providing logistical support for producing work and events within our network of partners and collaborators. All artists are encouraged and welcome to share the outcome of their residency through talks , performance, public presentations and open studio visits.

APPLICATION EVALUATION | Applications are evaluated by a selections committee comprised of artists, curators, community members and spaces board members. Applicants will be notified via email as soon as possible after selections has been made. If accepted, we will assist residents with funding applications if needed.

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Open call for Portuguese artists for PEAC2017 - Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue


PEAC2017 — Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue is a catalogue where the Portuguese emerging art is in the spotlight!

Digital art, generative art, artistic ceramic, draw, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, paint, sound art, video art and web art.

For Portuguese artists with more than 21 years old, based in Portugal or abroad.

EMERGE – Contemporary Art Agency mission is to promote contemporary art, emerging artists in particular. We assume the responsibility to help those artists to draw a path that leads them to a national and international recognition.

PEAC2017 — Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue meets this mission. Is a project that promotes all the artistic praxis in the Portuguese fine arts field, spreading the best of Portuguese emerging artists work in and outdoors.

Written in English, this catalogue is targeted to very wide audience. From academics to arts professionals, even to the those who want to buy contemporary art artworks. PEAC2017 will be at private and public collectors hands. It will be a physical and online catalogue registered at the National Library of Portugal with ISBN number, and it will be commercialised in more than 65000 bookshops online! 

All applications that meet the requirements will be evaluated by a jury composed of curators and artists:  Cláudia Camacho (Professor at FBAUL - Fine Arts University of Lisbon, Mentor of Art Alibi, CEO of Antiframe and Independent Curator); Jorge Reis (Vice-president of EMERGE, Fine Artist and Independent Curator); Luísa Santos (Gulbenkian Professor, FCH-UCP, CECC and Independent Curator); Mário Caeiro (Professor at ESAD.CR and Independent Curator ); Rudolfo Quintas (Digital Artist); Simeon Nelson (Sculpture Professor at University of Hertfordshire and Fine Artist).

Every artist, collectives and projects with Portuguese nationality, are invited to apply their artworks at to be part of PEAC2017.

Fee Detail: 
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