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( a companion and continuation of wearhaus )    

wherehows is both a physical exhibition that exists in The Hole, and a virtual exhibition that exists on a custom Google Map featuring photo documentation of the aforementioned. the show is currently in its first iteration, and we are looking for submissions for the next iteration.

artists and all who are interested are asked to submit a digital file which will be physically printed, hung, and photographed on location, and virtually pinned to a map which will constantly be updating with new work.

the show's "site" is rather ambiguously specified (the neighborhood's disputed boundaries, existence online and offline, and regular change through time) we encourage work that plays with the idea of "site-specific". however this should by no means be considered a strict conceptual limit, and we accept all kinds of work.




  • Artists will submit one file  which will be printed locally on a single sheet of 8.5 x 11” plain paper
  • All types of art / files accepted, but keep in mind the physical restraints of the final medium
  • Artists may or may not choose to respond to this document / any attached links
  • Work will be professionally documented and uploaded to this map
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