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We want the United States of the World




'We want the United States of the World'

Call for artists

'We Want the United States of the World' residence program for artists is an initiative of Art and Cultural Studies
Laboratory which is a model for similar institutions internationally and spreads its multilateral activities in Italy and
abroad. This program operates all year round and can be considered as one of the main activity. The program is a major
artist residency and project workshop in Italy to promote and analyze contemporary art practices. They aim to create an
intellectual space, where the residents get the chance to encouter different cultures. They stimulate artists from all
artistic disciplines to live, work and collaborate on an agreed project during their preferred time of residency near Milan
and in the country as well. The resident artists will also get the chance to cognize and research the visiting country , Italy
with its rich historical heritage and contemporary situation as a country with its contextual, ideological issues.

Our spaces arte available for different kinds of public events (talks, screening, presentations, meetings, discussions, etc.),
workshops, seminars, exhibitions, master class for students have been arranged and organized for the resident artists in
various settings: public spaces, artistic and non-artistic venues near Milan and in Italy, as well as in the villa where the art
residence is located. All artworks on display in our house and on our website are available for sale.

Technical Information
Residency in the villa-home gallery (city of Godiasco-Salice Terme). The private artistic villa is located 40 min from Milan
(Godiasco-Salice Terme), near thermal baths, golf, tennis, riding centre, football fields in a natural area on the hills with
pubs, restaurants, disco, etc. which has a capacity of hosting 6 artists maximum at the same time. There are two double
rooms and one single room with two beds. Each artist has a commune living room, shared kitchen, and a big garden
space (600 sq. m.) where artists can work. A double box is also available. Clean towels, bed linens and TV are included.
The whole territory is surrounded with gardens, vineyards and pure land. The latter is convenient for land art and other
outdoor artistic needs.

The artist in residence program has agreement with different spaces near Milan in the city of Godiasco-Salice Terme.

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We want the United States of the World





Group show
'We want the United States of the World'
21 september-25 october, 2019
Event History
This is our 5th-anniversary show! The show is open to artists of various media around the globe. Artists who are at all
career levels are welcome to participate. Painters, sculptors, photographers, and mixed media artists from over 40
countries took part in the previous editions of 'We want the United States of the World'.
What Makes this event different?
This is more than just a simple exhibition. In order to promote our artists, we host various art & social events to attract a
broad audience and potential buyers. For artists, we organize networking meetups, consultations, and workshops. Show
your art and make new connections. Meet new art enthusiasts and sell your art.
Copyright Policy
The submitting artists own the copyright to their competition entries as their author(s). By submitting an entry to the art
competition the artist gives MAGREEN GALLERY permission for the entry to be used on the MAGREEN GALLERY website
and its social media channels. The artist gives MAGREEN GALLERY the right to use his/her name and city of residence for
the sole purpose of identifying the artist as the author of the entry.
Opportunity for artists
"The artist's job is to be a witness to his time in history." - Robert Rauschenberg
Get exhibited near Milan. is considered a center of contemporary art life. The city hosts more than 200 galleries and
hundreds of art shows each year. Milan is the place where you can view internationally renowned artworks along with
witnessing how modern art emerges. Art is a non-verbal language that is understood by people who speak different
mother tongues. Art conveys both historical and social facts, lifestyle, inspiration, and feelings. We have been creating a
dialogue among artists from various cities and countries.
Guide application
EVALUATION: The Jury Panel represented by gallery board members, curators, exhibiting artists, art business
professionals are evaluating our group show.
INSPIRATION: Be a traditionalist or rebellious, figurative or conceptual artist.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
30 Euro
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